Friday, August 5, 2011

One Year- An Anniversary

The end of last month marked our one year anniversary of moving to Bentonville.  It has been a great experience so far and I thought I would share what has been our past year and the wild extreme weather that has come along with it!

August is mainly where our story starts because the last few days of July were filled with unpacking and settling into a new house!
One of the first things we did after moving up here was going to the Tontitown Grape Festival.
Not long after that, my kiddos turned 4 & 5 and we had a fun birthday party!  We found a fishing hole and visited some parks. 

In September, C girl lost her first teeth! My brother and best friend got engaged! And not all of our time was pleasant.  In September we lost our beloved Mother and Nan.

In October, we visited my friend Kelly in Texas, visited a local corn maze and pumpkin patch, and went to a skating birthday party for the first time, and celebrated fall and Halloween!

In November, did some fun stuff with our Meetup group, celebrated birthdays and shopped for wedding dresses, lost our beloved Granny and celebrated Thanksgiving. And we cracked completely up at this.  And awwwwed about this.

December is always busy.  In December, we decorated for Christmas, decorated our tree, went to a Christmas parade and took C girl to see the Nutcracker Ballet, wrote letters to Santa, ate good food and enjoyed great company, went ice skating for the first time, and celebrated a wonderful Christmas

January began with the hope of new life and lots joys in our family. We started the year off watching the Hogs play in the Sugar Bowl.  And then, I found out I was gonna be an aunt to a Nephew! We had some great weekend fun.  I celebrated 2 years of blogging.  

And then came February... This was not a great month for me.  I got very sick and we got massive amounts of snow and cold. And then we got some more snow. And then we got even more.  And we got temperatures at night of -14 degrees.  There was also some love in there.
Finally, I got a diagnosis for all my sickness and pain. 

In March, we finally started getting a little spring weather. We had a baby shower.  We went hiking. We had to move again.  We spent Spring Break in Kansas City.   

Spring came in full force in April. We did some more hiking.  We saw Suessical the Musical
We enjoyed a perfect spring day. The kids bowled for the first time.  We celebrated Easter.

May is another busy month in our family. I got a fun surprise.  This year it was extra special! We got lots of rain and it started getting hot. My sister in law graduated college and I got an iPad!  Tim and I celebrated our birthdays, Mother's day and 8th wedding anniversary! My newphew was born!!!!!
Sadly there was lots of rain and tornadoes. But we also witnessed new life.

In June, I found out that I was having another nephew this year! I gave a bridal shower for my best friend/new sister! The kids swam in their pool all the time!  I went on vacation to Tybee Island, GA and watched my brother marry my best friend. 

In July, we celebrated the 4th. The kids had swimming lesson and Vacation Bible School.  I joined Google+.  We went fishing. I got some Noah love. I wrote about things I was gonna miss about my kiddos being small. We had family visits. We visited family and I got some more Noah love.  And I got my first DSLR cameraWe are having severe drought conditions now and our temperature swing from February was -14 then and 109 now.  Crazy! 

I'm looking to many more years and many more great memories in Bentonville, Arkansas!


  1. Love the post, babe! You do a great job with the blog. I know the kids will really appreciate it as they get older. Thanks!

  2. Thanks my love! They are the reason I do this!


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