Wednesday, May 4, 2011


My brother planned on coming to visit yesterday to help celebrate Tim's birthday and see the kiddos before he leaves for his military training again.  He got here around 10 am and rang our doorbell.  Of course the kiddos knew it was him and ran to answer the door.  They were so excited greeting him and stuff when I came around the corner. As I was saying hi, Jessica jumped in from outside and gave me the shock of my life! lol.  I was SO surprised and SO happy that she came!  I have missed her so much lately.  It was SUCH an awesome surprise!!!

It was so wonderful spending the day with them.  They went to storytime at the library with us! They had fun watching the kiddos do stuff in their daily routine!  Since it was Tim's birthday, we went and picked him up from work and went to try a restaurant we had been wanting to try for a while, Smokin Joe's Ribhouse.  It was SO SO yummy!  I am very excited to go back there again!

I just have to say, I have one of the best brothers ever.  We had a flat tire on our riding lawn mower, and Tim is not the most "mechanical" guy out there (sorry babe, I love you!).  So Keith researched a place to take the tire to and we took it out there to be looked at.  It ended up not having a hole, it had just been pulled away from the rim.  That was really good news!  So he put the tire back on and now we are good to go.  We really need to mow too!

Before Keith and Jessica left, we sang Happy Birthday to Tim and had some cheesecake!

Tim had a great birthday and we all had a great day because we were able to spend it with family!

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