Monday, June 20, 2016

the weekly recap {June 13-19}

Monday morning was the last rise and shine of the year.
 C Girl's class were all recognized as the students of the week from her teacher!
Tim had taken the day off and we did one of our favorite things - junkin'!
These were made out of books! How neat is that?!
 C Girl had her final piano lesson before her summer break. Her teacher is getting married this week!
After piano, we went to swim at the community center. We recently joined as members so we are taking advantage of the swimming!
Thursday was the last day of school!
The last day of 4th grade for this girl!
The last day of 3rd grade for this boy!
They always want to do a silly face!
Since this was the end of her elementary journey, I had to do a comparison between the first day of kindergarten and the last day of 4th grade.
She's grown SO much!!!
Graduating elementary school!
So proud of our girl!
She has made such sweet friends! I'm so glad that some will be joining her at the middle school she will be attending.
Picking them up for the last time this year in the carline!
Pretty Sissy girl!
Celebrating school being out!!!
This girl loves this boy!
On Friday, my brother, Kevin and his boys and my SIL, Jessica and her boy came up to visit us!
We went to visit Crystal Bridges and then to the splash park. It was hot but we had a lot of fun! I love spending time with my nephews! They are all so funny! I also love my brother and SIL!!!
We went back to my house to have tacos for dinner. Kevin and the boys headed home after dinner, but we got some extra time with Jessica and P since they stayed the night!
I love when these cousins get together!
An exhibit on the floor of hard candy - this is my kids' favorite "artwork!" 
Saturday afternoon we loaded up our van and headed out to go camping!
We used to take the kids camping when they were toddlers/pre-schoolers, but we haven't been camping since moving to Bentonville almost 6 years ago. Unless, of course, you count camping in the backyard! Ha!
The kids were so excited and they have their own tent!
We camped at Prairie Creek on Beaver lake.
Tim and the kids swam for a couple of hours in the lake.
They tried making "nature dolls?" Don't ask me, it was C Girl's idea!
We have been putting a focus on giving the kids independence and teaching them to do more things. They packed their own stuff for the trip and Tim had them help put the tents up!
Our tent is one that Tim has had for more than 20 years. It's been a great tent!
Our campsite:
Things weren't precious the whole time. We have some tweens and tweens have grumpiness and attitude, so we have to deal with that frequently. Ugh!
At least they are cute!
We let the kids practice taking a few pictures with my big camera. I like this one that B Boy took of Tim and I!
We kept things as simple as possible for the trip (It's true that you learn from experience!). I planned a menu of steak (we marinated them at home and kept them in a ziploc until time to grill), mushrooms, asparagus and watermelon. We wanted stuff that had few ingredients and didn't need any extras. It worked out well. We cooked the mushrooms before we came and just heated them over the fire. We also roasted marshmallows over the fire after dinner! 
For breakfast the next morning, we had pancakes (batter had been mixed before we came) and bacon (the pre-cooked kind) and we cooked those on our electric griddle.
After dinner, the kids were exploring and we saw two deer and a baby bunny!
Other wildlife seen on the trip: an armadillo, chipmunks, and blue jays!
It was hot, so C Girl had a really hard time going to sleep. I had a hard time because I was nervous about them being in a different tent and the way they were set up, their tent door was not visible from our tent.
The next morning, Tim and the kids were up early so they went fishing. I stayed behind and slept some more.
B Boy caught around 17 fish!!!! No lie!

That afternoon when we came home, Tim mowed while I worked on the laundry and stuff in the house. We had frozen pizza for dinner and then watched Zootopia. Such a good movie.
We gave Tim his Father's day card and treats. He has gotten some good gifts lately too!
He is the best daddy to these two! So thankful for him!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

the weekly recap {June 1-12}

Life has been busy lately and I have had a hard time getting motivated to blog. I want to have this as a place to store memories, but sometimes I can't find the strength to get on here!

On June 1st, C Girl got her bottom braces off!
 We also had a girl's day! I plan to do this with both the kids before they transition to a new school.
The next day was the 3rd grade famous Arkansan wax museum.  B Boy was Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys!
Tim was off on Friday and he joined me to go on C Girl's field trip to the Gentry drive through safari!
C Girl wanted to pet this pig so badly!
 I about died when I saw this baby jaguar!!!
It reminded me of the show, Go, Diego, go that B Boy used to be obsessed with!
Baby Bengal Tiger!
Tim and I had lunch at the Wooden Spoon. It was his first time and he loved it!
 Our baby robins were not in the nest long. They were out of the nest on Friday and we have not seen them since!
That night, we rented Inside Out. We love that movie!
Saturday, Tim took the kids fishing and that night we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire pit!
On Sunday, the kids sang with their school choir before the Natural's baseball game.
On Monday, C Girl had piano lessons and then we met people from church at the skating rink! The kids have only been once or twice in their life, so it was a shaky start! They were doing a lot better by the time we left.
This past week, I worked on cleaning and organizing the kids' rooms. It was a big job, but desperately needed to be done. The rooms look so much better! I'm working on cleaning and de-cluttering all the rooms in our house.
Wednesday, I had to have blood drawn and was there so long that I missed a PTO meeting!
However, Thursday night the PTO board all got together and we went over the plans for next school year. It will be fun and having friends on the board makes it even better!
Friday, Tim took the day off! We went to B Boy's end of the year party.
 His teacher is moving once the school year is over and we will miss her so! Some of the kids from his class performed a song for her during the party. It was so precious and made everyone cry!
I'm not posting the class picture but it was so sweet!
Tim and I spent the rest of the day together. We joined our community center, shopped and had lunch at Pei Wei!
Saturday morning, we went to the farmer's market.
It was an art themed event this time!
 B Boy had a birthday party that we dropped him off at. We went to Target and then got a treat at Yum Yo's.
 Once we picked B Boy up, we headed to an adoption party for friends from church who recently adopted a little girl that they have had through the foster system. They have such a great story and that girl is an answer to prayer. So happy for them!

They have a kitten and it was the star of the show. ALL the girls wanted to take it home or were begging their moms to get a kitten, including my girlie!
Today, we went to church and came outside to it storming!
We spent the rest of the day at home hanging out!