Monday, July 21, 2014

Sparacino family summer vacation Day 7 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

While in Colorado Springs, we knew we wanted to visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
It is the only mountainside zoo in America.
This zoo is seriously cool.
We have visited about 6 other zoos and this one is very high on the list!
The giraffe exhibit is outstanding!
From wikipedia:
Reticulated giraffes flourish at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's African Rift Valley exhibit and are the largest herd in the United States. The public is able to hand feed romaine lettuce for a fee to the giraffes at inside or outside enclosures. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo giraffe breeding program is the most prolific in the world with 199 births since 1954.
We spent most of the day at the zoo and had a great time! There were so many animals that we were able to view up close and a mountain lion that was awake and prowling around. We also fed birds, petted a baby wallaby, viewed Mexican gray wolves, and witnessed a momma and baby gorilla. The orangutans were so fun and interactive trying to kiss anyone who put their lips to the glass.
I took a lot of pictures and here are the highlights:
How regal are lions?!
Gorgeous views
throwing dirt on himself :-)
The beautiful Broadmoor hotel:

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sports camps and girl time

I was so sick all weekend and stayed pretty much on the couch or bed. 
Saturday evening, the kids put on a puppet show for us. They built the whole set themselves!
B Boy had a baseball clinic on Monday morning. We were so excited that he got to hang out with one of his good friends the entire time!
Tuesday afternoon, we visited some friends and then I went to my hair appt, and to get groceries afterwards. I will do just about anything to not have to take both kids to Walmart!

Wednesday and Thursday mornings, B Boy went to the Tigers in Training football camp.
He had a blast! He got to work with Tiger football players, coaches and got to hear from a couple of Razorback football players.
During his first camp day, C Girl and I went and got pedicures! She was in heaven!
I realized that her and I do not get very much one on one time. It was very nice to get two mornings alone with her.
 Yesterday afternoon, I painted a table that I bought while we were in Kansas. I still need to distress and seal it but I love the way it turned out!

I'm adding this last pic for two reasons: 1. I love C's natural, mischievous smile. 2. This is how her room always looks unless I make her clean it. We can just caption this, "real life."