Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day weekend Part 2

We saw the sign for this ranch on a trip to Eureka Springs last year.
I saw "horse trail rides" and told Tim, we have to do that.
I had a horse for a while as a child and I so miss riding a horse!
He added this to my Christmas gifts and I planned our visit for Memorial Day weekend.
It has rained a TON in Arkansas lately. The roads to the ranch and cabin are very rugged and the first road has 3 low water bridges. We were very nervous anticipating leaving on Monday because we were supposed to get a lot more rain over the weekend (and we did.)
The views were so beautiful!
Our cabin was so cute!

We signed up to ride horses that evening.
The kids have rode ponies at different places, but they are always tied up.
This was their first time actually riding.
C Girl was terrified in the beginning. I think she was afraid that the horse was going to take off running with her!
She warmed up after realizing that she was going to be led by the owner holding a rope on her horse.
I was happy as a clam!
Tim had the slooooowest horse!!!
We went on an hour trail ride and it was so fun! Every once in a while one of our horses would bust out into a trot. That was a lot of fun! I was soooo sore the next day though!
My horse was Pistol, B Boy's was Stormy, and C Girl's was Apache.
Our cabin had a loft and C Girl had SUCH a big time lowering things down!
We took a walk on Sunday morning and I am just so enamored with nature.
We saw this little guy and had no idea what he was. It turns out that this is a Luna moth.
We had a very much needed relaxing weekend.
We made some very good food over the weekend too!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day weekend Part 1

I know that you are shocked that I am dividing this into two posts :-)

Thursday night, B Boy had a baseball game. He played great! He had two hits and scored a run!
We rewarded him with his choice of candy. He is motivated by the treats!!!
Friday, Tim took a vacation day.
We ran some errands, had lunch at our new fish market and visited True Treasures.
He got to tag along to C Girl's tennis lesson too!
Saturday morning, we were up and at em' to get ready to leave for a little cabin trip.
We were going to make breakfast casserole to take with us, so I had B Boy help with preparing it.
I hope these kiddos love to be in the kitchen and learn to cook!
And we're off!
 First stop- lunch at Granny's Kitchen in Huntsville. We love this place!
 Our lunch was really good, but dessert? Oh my, dessert. Tim and the kids split that piece of chocolate pie and I ordered a peach fried pie. It was one of the best desserts I have ever had in my life. Seriously.
Withrow Springs State Park was just 7 minutes up the road so we decided to go explore for a bit.
It was beautiful.
I think I want to take pictures of nature for a job. That would be my dream.
How clear is that water?! It's hard to tell that there is even water above those rocks!
 I loved the barns and old buildings we passed on our drive along 412 east.
The wildflowers were everywhere on the sides of the road and were just ridiculously pretty.