Thursday, February 4, 2016

the weekly recap {January 29-February 4}

This is a hawk that frequently flies around our house.
We love birds :-)

Tim played a part in the junior high's production of Aladdin Jr. this weekend. 
He took B Boy to see the show on Saturday afternoon. C Girl was fighting a yucky cold all weekend.
 I had a sweet picture of B Boy sleeping but he told me that I could not post it. Ugh! 
My kids are at the age where they have a big opinion on these sort of things!
I love watching them sleep!
 I've been working on organizing B Boy's room better. One of the projects was sorting all of his millions of Legos.
A nice long, afternoon nap for this kitty.
 Tim had basketball duty on Monday evening and the kids always love going with him. 
Their thing lately is helping in the concession stand. He said that they were really working, giving change and everything!!!
 This girl has been enjoying our new rug :-)
 We don't always have calm, quiet afternoons after school, but Tuesday the kids were occupied with reading and a Word document. It was sweet and I had to capture the memory.
 C Girl's class has been working on practicing writing for the big standardized testing that is coming up this spring. Our job the other night was to help give her tips on writing and revising an essay she had written.
I love watching these two together.
I'm mentoring in our school district and met my mentee yesterday. She is a sweet girl and I can't wait to get to know her more!

This girl watched the Dem town hall meeting with Tim and I last night. She's never far from her mama!
 This has been a busy week, but I was so excited that it's also the week of Adnan Syed's post conviction relief hearing! It was thrilling to see this in my podcast feed today!
I spent yesterday keeping up with the proceedings and will do the same today!

Friday, January 29, 2016

How a cat plays catch

When B Boy isn't begging daddy to play catch, he is wanting to play solitaire or checkers or some other game! 
Wednesday I had a hair appointment. I always love catching up with the lady that does my hair.

Wednesday afternoon was beautiful so they did go outside to play catch. 
Our stray girl was here and wanted to play as well!
Isn't she pretty?
Look at that playful girl!
Both kids have been doing great in Awana. They are both in Truth and Training.
B Boy finished a big section and got a patch for his jersey!
I'll take sweet girlie hugs whenever I can get them!
I haven't taken a picture of these two before school in quite a while!
Today I had a meeting with my fellow BPTO board members and the new officers of the BWHS PTO. Our town is going to have two high schools next year! Crazy!

Tonight, the kids and I are watching the movie Max. 
Tim is at school playing a part in the production of Aladdin Jr!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

What We Ate

I love seeing what other people eat and getting ideas for our menu because I can get stuck in the same meals over and over!
I thought I would start sharing about we have eaten over the past week. I will link to recipes where I can!

I do have to make modifications to our meals since I am dairy free. I will substitute dairy free "butter" for regular butter and almond milk (I use unsweetened original) for regular milk. I also divide certain recipes and then add cheese to the portion for Tim and the kids. 
It really hasn't been a big deal and I'm obviously feeling better by not consuming dairy which makes it all worth it!
I do have to be vigilant about reading labels because milk can be in so many things!

Here's what we ate since last Friday:

Bourbon Chicken, fried rice, sauteed green beans, and egg rolls.
This is a family favorite!
 The best meatloaf, instant mashed potatoes, and green peas. 
We can't be gourmet alllll the time. 
This was the first time making this specific meatloaf and we all loved it!
We had purple hull peas with ham (that was in the freezer saved from Christmas) on Sunday but I didn't get a picture of that meal.

 Chicken spaghetti makeover, sauteed green beans, sliced strawberries with a *little* sugar sprinkled on them.
I haven't made chicken spaghetti in a long time because the recipe I have uses "cream of" soups and I can't have any of that since I am dairy free. This turned out really good!
This is a picture of my plate. I separated the food out before I added cheese to the part for Tim and the kids. 
We actually ate this two nights in a row and had salad with it the second time.
I know this isn't a great picture. It was taken quickly after we had already eaten dinner, so it was what was left over. 
This was a recipe that I created- It is an Italian Gnocchi bake.
First, I browned up a pound of Italian sausage. Next, I placed chopped frozen broccoli florets (about half of a package), the sausage, and a package of potato gnocchi (my kids call them dumplings!) in my new Dutch oven. (side note- I got this Dutch oven in November and I have used it several times since. I love it!)
To all of that, I added a can of spaghetti sauce and about 1 cup of chicken broth to thin that out.
I baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes.
It was so good and gobbled up by everyone!
Pan seared wild caught flounder, roasted russet and sweet potatoes, and salad.
A couple of other food related things:
  • I bought my first ever fresh mango this week. I watched a YouTube video to learn how to cut it! I learned that I really love fresh mango!
  • My kids used to beg to "be a tray" at school. I am big on packing their lunches, but over the last year and not feeling well, my kids have eaten at school a lot more than normal. Needless to say, they don't ask to be trays anymore. They've expressed how lunch at school really isn't that good. I find that so sad because lunch was usually pretty good when I was growing up. Do you remember the rolls and cinnamon rolls??!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

the weekly-ish recap {January 16-27}

Besides our snow day, I haven't been here to update in a couple of weeks.
Life has just been plugging along!
Since I have been feeling well, I've felt like catching up on things that I didn't keep up with all of last year.
Two Saturdays ago, B Boy had a birthday party to go to at the place where he had his birthday party- Gamer's Only. He loves that place!
Girlie and I made a grocery/household trip to Walmart while he was partying.
We have had a tough relationship the last year and I have been focusing on that a lot lately.
She has a strong personality (which I love) but it can be problematic at times.
Teaching children about heart and character issues is probably the hardest part of parenting to me, especially since I feel like I'm an ongoing work as well.
Speaking of which, I started a new Bible study on Sunday afternoons. 
This study could not have come at a better time.
It has been SO good so far.
After church that weekend, C Girl and I took a meal to a family who just had twin baby girls! C is enamored with these sweet babies!
I snapped this of a sunrise recently. It was so beautiful and a reminder of how much beauty we are surrounded by when we look for it.
Friday night, C Girl went to a sleepover. We let B Boy watch a movie in the playroom and Tim & I had an "at home" date and watched a movie and talked. It was so nice!
Saturday night, we finished our marathon of watching Star Wars movies!
Sunday was church and I made these turkeys take a photo with me before church!
We watched football that afternoon and we also had Sunday evening church activities. When we got home, we watched the 2nd NFL playoff game of the day and learned that the Broncos and Panthers will face off against each other in the Super Bowl. 
We are thrilled to get to see these two teams play.
Monday afternoon, our stray cat friend came in and took a long nap and even stayed while we left to take C to piano lessons! I love when she just makes herself at home!
I caught up on Downton Abbey on Monday. I'm SO sad that this is the last season. I love this show so much! My favorite quote from Sunday's episode: Lady Violet, "I haven't been down to the kitchen in 20 years!" Isabel, "Do you have your passport?!"

I love this picture on Tim's school Instagram. I'm glad they think he is a "hip principal!"
 I just started reading "The Royal We" and "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality." I have heard incredible things about EHS. I cannot wait to finish this book!
 While I was doing Tuesday folders at school yesterday, I had this flyer to put in the folders. It is starting to feel really real that my 4th grader will soon be finishing her elementary school career. I'm not ready to have a middle schooler!
I have been fighting off a little cold this week. I still have PTSD from the great ear infection of last year. I will not let that happen again!
I'm heading to a hair appointment later this morning. I'm looking forward to that.
I wish that I was going to get to hear Serial tomorrow. I'm kinda sad that they have went to a bi-weekly schedule. My other podcasts are on a little hiatus right now too so I don't have as much to listen to lately.
I guess I will start priming a bookshelf for B Boy's room tomorrow. We are revamping his organizational system and the bookshelf will house completed Lego projects! He's excited for that!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A semi-snow day!

We have had measurable snow multiple times a winter every year since we have moved to Bentonville.
Until this winter so far! 
My kids have been spoiled by snow to play in every year and have been looking forward to snow this year.
Monday morning, we woke up to this "dusting" of snow.
It was melting quickly but they were still excited to suit up and go play in it!
 They had a lot of fun!
Hopefully, February will bring us more snow!