Sunday, July 31, 2011

To my camera....

Pitter patter.

That is the way my heart feels when I hold you in my hands.

I love the sound of your gentle snap, magically capturing time and sealing memories.  
The sound makes me feel like such a photographer. It is such a beautiful sound.

The turn of the lens slowly focusing in and out on in image is beautiful.

Navigating my way through settings and features is like opening doors to new adventures.

Using you is challenging and very rewarding.

Aperature, shutter speed and ISO are some of my favorite words right now.

Along with bokeh, I reeeeally like that one.  I believe bokeh may be one of my favorite things evah.

I feel at home and oh so right when I am photographing. 

However, there is so much to learn and so, so much to practice on. 

As I drive, all I can see is potential things to shoot.  Nature, buildings, backdrops, and places to photograph a couple, a baby, a kid, a family...

I frame shots through my mind.  Sometimes I see the rule of thirds and other times I do not. Either way, each shot is beautiful in my mind.

I am eaten up with the photography bug.  Many nights, it is the last thing I think of before drifting off to sleep.

Each day when I wake is full of new possibilities and new photographs.  

Beautiful and Lasting.

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