Monday, August 1, 2011

It's a Scorcher

It is so hot here.  

I felt like I was gonna die walking from the van into Walmart today.  This Wednesday it is supposed to 110!!!  We don't live in flippin Death Valley!  I feel like that's where we live right now.  We don't venture outdoors unless we absolutely have to.

Friday night, Tim and I had a date :-)  It was so nice.  We got to check out a restaurant that we haven't been to yet, Fish City Grill in Rogers.  We shared a big platter of crab legs.  Oh goodness, it was so good!

Up next, we went to the movies and saw the final installment of the Harry Potter series.  I was so satisfied and happy when we walked out of the theater.  It was great.

Saturday evening, I drove down to Farmington to go my dear friend Amber's daughter's birthday party.  Amber and I have been friends since 10 grade. It's been neat watching each other's kiddos grow up.  Kaylee turned 9.  I just can't believe it.

Sunday was church in the morning and then a magnificently lazy day!  

I went to the school today to help Tim set up his new office.  They had some rearranging going on this year for administration at the high school and Tim moved over to the North building.  In two hours we unpacked a lot and I put up most of his decor.  It looks nice in there!

I have a semi busy week this week and it is the hottest week we have had yet.  Pray for me!  

I haven't mentioned it again to the kids, but Dora the Explorer is coming to our library on Thursday! This should be exciting! lol

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