Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Recap Part 2

Happy 1st Day of SPRING!  We jumped at the opportunity to get outside and have the first hike of the season.  There are SO many trails and parks in Northwest Arkansas.  We have only been able to try out a few since living here.  We moved here during the hottest part of the summer and our fall was pretty busy so we are very much looking forward to doing a LOT of exploring this spring.

We read about Tanyard Creek Nature Trail in the Benton County Record this past Thursday.  It is just a few minutes up the road in Bella Vista.  It was lovely!  We first had a picnic, then hit the trail!  We had a great time hiking, seeing the waterfall, taking in nature and playing in the water!  The kids were even introduced to moss and algae today!

This is definitely one trail that is at the top of our list!

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