Monday, November 15, 2010

In which my head explodes.....almost

Well, I'm glad I waited a bit before starting this post.  I had to call AT&T today and I really feared that my head was going to explode.  It has been awful.  I really don't even know who to blame.  When we moved, we called AT&T to set up service and bundle with phone, Internet and DirecTv.  That was the end of July.  Our bills from AT&T and Direct are still separate and they both always transfer me back and forth when I call.  Sometimes, they tell us it is fixed, and other times they tell us other things.  What can I do?  AT&T won't let me talk to a supervisor, they always tell me that they can have on call me.  That has yet to help the situation either.  We are at our wits end.  Now, they are saying we have an unpaid balance with Direct, but when they transfer me to Direct, they say that that is not the case but they can't bundle us because that is up to AT&T.  It is like a dog chasing its tail. 

Soooo, on to nicer things.  I have wanted to visit an Aldi store for a couple of years now, but it has never been close to where I live.  We have one 15-20 minutes up the road now.  So, this morning I visited for the first time!  I have read things about Aldi on several "frugal" blogs and I wanted to check out the prices.  They don't have as vast of selection as Walmart or a large grocery chain, but the prices are great!  Also, you have to bring your own bags to carry everything home in. 
This is what I got for $55 today....
Pretty good haul!


My nephew turned 9 recently and his party was yesterday.
I remember when he loved Spiderman like this little guy does now...that's my brother holding my little guy...
Happy 9th, J!


My best friend and future sister in law found her wedding dress this weekend!!!!!!
I can't show it, but it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!
Can you tell she loves it?!!!!!

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