Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had quite an eventful Easter weekend! 

I worked my tail off on Friday cleaning and cooking and getting ready for the weekend.  We had planned on attending the Good Friday service at church as well.  We went out for dinner so we wouldn't have to worry about cooking.  As we were eating dinner, we realized that the weather was getting kind of nasty.  By the time we got back in the van, the meteorologist on the radio was talking about a storm coming our way that they were very concerned about.  We decided to head to Tim's office at the high school since it is more safe than our house where the storm was on track to pass over.  As we were waiting out the storm, the giant wall cloud passed right over and beside us there!  The sirens were going off, but luckily a tornado did not produce near us.  After that, we went home to get ready for bed and get ready for our big day on Saturday.

Saturday we had a family gathering to drive to that was 2 and a half hours away.  I had everything laid out and ready to go.  We loaded up and headed out.  It was a rainy day also.  Thankfully it was not as "stormy" as the day before.  We stopped at Wal-Mart in Fayetteville to pick up something that we had forgotten.  When we came in the door, they handed us a paper showing that there was an egg hunt going on in the store!  The kiddos got some eggs, candy, B won a giant bounce ball and they got to see the Easter Bunny!
We got to Aunt Tammy's for the Easter/Birthday bash.  We were celebrating our nephew Sean's birthday, our great niece, Madison and our great niece, Aubree.  We had yummy food, a bounce house, a trampoline, a ping pong table, an egg hunt and fun with family!
Sunday morning it was yet another rainy day.  It was a continuous rain and now, this evening, we are supposed to get severe weather again. :-(     The kiddos got their baskets with goodies this morning and then we put on our pretty Easter clothes and headed to church.  The service was awesome! The music was beautiful as always! We also had some baptisms this morning.  The one that touched me the most was when one of the deacons baptized his own daughter!  Oh my heart!  We had a guest preacher this morning and he really touched me.  I love that he preached about salvation.  Isn't that what Easter is all about?  He reached out to little children also.  I thought that was so wonderful.  Most people are saved before they graduate high school and we need to reach the little ones.  People were baptised and saved this morning! What a beautiful Easter!
When we came home, we feasted on a ham that we slow baked in the oven, steamed broccoli, Pioneer Woman mashed potatoes, homemade yeast rolls, deviled eggs and homemade lemonade!!!! Yum!  And we couldn't let this rain stop our Easter joy!  We hunted eggs in the house!!!!

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  1. Great photos! Those kiddos are adorable! It looks like a really fun weekend! Happy Easter!

    Simply Kate


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