Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Friday & exciting news!

Happy, happy Friday!!!! Our spring break starts now! Woohoo! Except boo on how cold the weather is next week!  *****see bottom of the post for a very important video of B Boy!

One of my favorite bloggers and fellow Arkansan, Karen, featured me on her blog today and I had no idea she was doing that! I think it is so great that she has been featuring some of her favorite blogs! We should all do more to say good things about each other- the world would be a much happier place! Karen lives in south Arkansas and I love reading her blog. I really love watching her vlogs because I love that south AR accent!

Her doing the features made me start thinking about some of my favorite blogs:
enjoying the small thingsthe busy budgeting mamahappily every afterting's momwriting a living epistleblessings and raindropsjennmeredithshelley, lauriekellybrandicaryn, and I know I have more church friends and other friends who blog! healthy branscomsknee deep in munchkin landthe busy nothingswords by katiebig pitt stopsuburban turmoilthe java mamajenna blogs, and crayons & caffeine (I miss you blogging!)

I ran to the library after doing some weekly volunteer work this morning so that I could order Florida Georgia Line tickets when they went on sale at 10am! I'm SO EXCITED to be going with my bestie!!!!! I love their music and the icing on the cake is that Nelly is with them. I know it doesn't sound very Christian-like, but I LOVED Nelly in college. 
I met my friends, April and Jenn for lunch and pedicures today. It was SO relaxing and awesome! They are some sweet, sweet friends and they are my NWA link to back home. We all grew up in the same area and Jenn was in my graduating class.
I am so glad spring is here. I actually enjoyed weeding our landscaping yesterday! We are laying new mulch and getting things cleaned up. I'm also finally bringing spring decor down from the attic!
March Madness has been INSANE already! So many upsets are killing everyone's brackets. C Girl is currently leading our competition- so funny!

And some BIG news------  Braden learned how to ride his bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are thrilled! C Girl is making great progress too!
We used this technique and we HIGHLY recommend it!:


  1. First of all - Nelly with Florida Georgia Line? I'm so jealous. The Cruise mix is one of my favorite songs right now!!

    Second - thanks for the shout out. I've been amazed at how many comments I've received about my accent since I started vlogging. I've never really thought about it, but apparently it sounds pretty southern to everyone else.

  2. How exciting!!! What a great concert. And the pedicure sounds fantastic! Your toes came out great. I love the working in the yard. It's inspiring me to just get it done ourselves like a family instead of hiring people. YAY!


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