Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring break is here!

This week is spring break for us. I think we are all looking forward to the time to just relax and play. We have had a very rough winter and activities keep us going every week, so a break is exactly what we need! I have some fun things planned for our week and almost everything on my list is FREE! I love where I live!

My poor hubs has school tomorrow and Tuesday :(. He has also been very sick with sinus junk for almost 2 weeks. We are trying to figure out what to do next! I hate seeing him so sick.

We have had a good weekend. BOTH kids are riding their bikes now!!!! Y'all have no idea how thrilled we are. We thought they would never get here! They spent the entire afternoon yesterday riding their bikes around our sidewalk and street.

Besides that, it has been NCAA March Madness around here this weekend. There have been SO many upsets this year and our brackets are not looking good!

Tim and I worked in children's church (2x2) this morning and it was fun being around all of our friends' little ones! We had Flying Fish for lunch and then I took a glorious afternoon nap before C and I headed back for evening church activities. I'm doing a Bible study on Sunday afternoons for a couple of months. I have actually been through this study before, but it was so good and I wanted to again!

Tomorrow, we are going to write to our Compassion children, make cookies, visit the library, and I have a hair appointment. I figure everyday the kids will want to ride their bikes and we will play family games and/or watch a movie. I ordered the old Wizard of Oz movie and the first Chronicles of Narnia, so those should be here for us watch this week!


  1. Haven't the games been fantastic?

    I'm hating the allergies. I'm feeling horrible lately! (As I sit here blowing my nose)


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