Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hellooooo Spring!!!

Spring is finally here!
We had this boy's parent/teacher conference yesterday afternoon. He is doing so, so well. He is one of the top students in the entire first grade at his school. We are incredibly proud of how much he loves to learn. 
I never want to sound like a bragger, but I'm also keeping a family journal here. I want to celebrate my kids without hurting someone else's feelings. I hate that that is such an issue these days. 

B Boy also had his ENT appointment. The doctor said his tonsils are significantly enlarged and will likely have to come out. We are going to do a trial of one more thing over the next couple of months before we make a final decision. And because he won't be able to do activity for two weeks, we will likely do it in the fall. The whole thing makes me nervous because it is going to be very hard on me to have him put under and then to see him in pain.
We have been trying to enjoy as much outside and sunshine as we can!
It's March Madness time! The games just started and we are excited about our bracket challenge! We have the kids participating for the first time this year. They love to compete! It will be interesting to see who wins!
I thought C Girl looked so cute today! She is looking so grown up lately.
And this picture illustrates how they will look the rest of their lives- B Boy will always tower over her! He measured 4 foot 4 inches yesterday! 
He is adorable in this picture too :-)
C Girl is really into this series right now. They seem very cute. I am going to read it when she finishes it :-) Do you read the books that your school age kiddos read?


  1. Both of your kids are looking so grown up. Makes me sad to think my kids will be there in the blink of an eye.

  2. Those tights are awesome! I'm definitely going to have to look at that series for Ava.

    Sorry about B's tonsils!


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