Saturday, June 4, 2016

the weekly recap {May 24-May 31}

Long post ahead!
Hi friends! May is such a busy month and the last week was almost as full as the rest of the month.
Tuesday the 24th, I had a new officer training for BPTO and all the school PTO's. I was there as leadership and as a new officer for 2 schools!
Afterwards, I hurried back to school to do Tuesday folders and attend the volunteer tea. I was unaware that C Girl's class would be performing a song. It was so sweet! The school gifted us with the sweetest charm for a necklace. It has the first line to the school's creed engraved on it. 
On Wednesday, I had my final meeting with my mentor. She is just so sweet. We had a photo taken of us together (not going to share on the blog) and I had a print made and brought back to the school to give her as a memory of us over the summer. I should be her mentor again next year!
Two of our ball games were rained out that week and we didn't have to make them up because it was too close to tournament time.
Tim was also working late because the end of the school year always has so much going on. He was also getting ready for some PD days for his teachers. 
Friday was field day at school. The kids had a new PE coach this year and he did a great job organizing field day. There were a lot of fun games and they rotated every 20 minutes. They also had the Kona Ice sno cone truck there!
There are lots more pictures, but you get the idea. It was a fun time!
Friday night, we watched Hoosiers. It was mine and the kids first time seeing it. Such a great movie!
I love Snapchat and the filters!
 The weekend was beautiful and we got so much done! We started Saturday by heading to the farmer's market. The kids were having not good attitudes, so we went home to clean house and do work around the yard. We also planted our garden!
Bentonville- A New American Town
C Girl is very into it and such a big helper!
We've also had a ton of bird visitors to our yard lately!
We bought a goldfinch feeder and now we have beautiful goldfinches everyday!
 We saw this guy (obviously not a bird) hopping through our yard the other night!
 What kind of bird is this blue bird?
We've only seen him once.
A robin made a nest on our water hose!!!
 They get bigger every day!
On Sunday, we went to church and then to the Amazeum and Crystal Bridges!
 Tim making a stop motion video.
 So much creative play!
 A giant Lite Brite!
 Crystal Bridges has amazing art and are kids love going to the museum!
I love that we have an incredible art museum (FOR FREE) right in our town!
They love looking at the fish in the water!
 An Andy Warhol!
 This sculpture looked SO real!
These sculptures were outside on a trail that we hiked.
 My beautiful artwork!
 Tulip Tree trail shelter in the woods!
 Our beautiful Crystal Bridges!
Memorial day was rainy and low key. We did do some grocery shopping.
I think if this girl could drive, I could send her to the store with a list and she could get it done!
 After school Tuesday, we went to the library to stock up on books and sign up for the summer reading program!
Tuesday night at 8 pm was B Boy's first tournament game. They were leading most of the game despite having three key players absent. Sadly, they ended up losing and it was single elimination.
Such a good season though!
For regular season, they came in 5th place out of 16 teams! (That is all teams in our town! That's approx 192 boys in the 9/10 range that play baseball for the city! Other boys are playing travel ball, soccer, football, etc.) 


  1. I think your bird is an Indigo Bunting. Beautiful town you live in.

    1. Thank you for letting me know the type of bird!!!


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