Sunday, May 29, 2016

the weekly recap (2 weeks! May 9-23)

It has been a busy couple of weeks!
This guy had his last regular day of 3rd grade Trec!
I have had such a rough time since February. The culprit right now is prednisone withdrawal side effects. They can last many weeks. I will never take that steroid again!
At least I don't want to have to!
My house work has been falling behind.
Also, I turned 35. I had a great birthday. My people, family and friends made me feel so special. It's so heartwarming to continuously get texts, calls, and messages wishing me a happy birthday.
I took this selfie on the way to my last BPTO meeting as an officer! I think 35 looks pretty ok!
I'll still go to these meetings next year, but it will be the first time in years that I wasn't sitting as a board member!
That night, we happened to have a Sunday school girls night out! I went to B Boy's ball game, so I missed dinner, but we all met up afterwards for coffee, talking, and laughing! We managed to take this epic selfie!
It was a great ending to my birthday!
Friday evening, was B Boy's Trec showcase. He did a unit called, "Homelands."
Since He has Italian heritage, he chose to do Italy.
They learned all of the steps that a person would have to do to emigrate to a new country.
They showcased their project on an app and had other materials to show what they learned and did for the project.
We are so proud of him!
The next morning, we headed down south to be with family and celebrate new babies coming into our family! Tim's nephew and his wife are expecting a boy in July and his niece and her fiancee are expecting (but actually had the baby the day of the shower!!!) a boy in May!
We can't wait to meet baby Maverick!
C Girl was very into the gifts!
We headed to our hotel after the shower.
The kids could not wait to get into the pool!
We had stayed the night because we had the second shower the next day, but baby boy decided to make an early entrance! Welcome, Jackson! We can't wait to meet you!
On Monday, we took a tour of C Girl's middle school for next year. She is beyond thrilled about being in 5th grade!
I can't believe I have a child almost in middle school!
I learned that my beautiful Aunt Jane (she was married to my biological father's brother) passed away. It is so very tough getting older and losing people that you love.
Thursday the 19th, Tim and I had a date to go see Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett and a Thousand Horses in concert.
The kids (and us) love our wonderful babysitter, Aubrey!!!
The Amp was packed!
It was such a good show!
Friday morning, I had planned to go on B Boy's field trip to Prairie Grove Battlefield state park, but I was not feeling well. My sweet neighbor sent me a couple of pictures of B Boy! It made my day!
B Boy had a ball game on Saturday!
Lookin' "baseball ready!"
We saw this truck as we drove past the farmer's market and C thought it was so neat!
She always brings something to do during his games!
Andy's was doing free small sundaes so we drove over after the game to treat Tim and the kids!
That night we had a Sunday school "fiesta" at the home of the Bankstons!
The food was great and we had such a fun time with our friends!
Look at all of those kids! That's probably 1/4 of the kids that make up our Sunday school class! 50 couples = a LOT of kids!
The kids loved the pinatas!
Monday morning was C Girl's class's time to host Rise and Shine!
They did such a great job!
I can't believe this shining star is almost finished with elementary school!
We love you so much, baby girl!!!

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