Sunday, June 1, 2014

funny friends, field trips and Florida Georgia Line

It's good when you have so much life going on that you don't have time to blog.
There was a LOT of life going on this past week!

I met with my monthly book club friends on Tuesday night. 
We had read a really easy book this time, so we mainly just sat around and talked, laughed and ate!
I made everyone take a selfie!
These ladies are SO funny and we laughed so much!
Thursday evening was a baby shower for a sweet lady in our Sunday school class.
She is due with twin girls very soon!
We had a great time of celebrating, talking, eating and laughing!!!
These ladies are some of the funniest people I know!
Earlier that day, I went on a field trip to Hobbs State Park with all of 2nd grade!
We learned a lot about animals in our region and the land and topography.
We made friends in nature :-)
This lizard stayed like this for a quite awhile so we got a good look at him!
It made me think of a reptile that I played with a lot as a child in Oklahoma- the horny toad.
Apparently, it is actually called the Texas horned lizard. I loved these little guys! We would catch them and keep them in buckets when they were really little. They were fun to play with and watch.
C Girl and one of her BFF's

Friday morning, I went with 1st grade on their field trip to the Spanish Treasure Cave.
The cave was neat! They got to "pan" for gems after the tour.
Jessica drove up Friday night because we had tickets to see Florida Georgia Line at Arvest ball park!
We made the BEST memories ever!
First of all, the trip there was crazy.
I had not thought that traffic would be as bad as it was. We were on the shoulder of the interstate for an HOUR waiting to get off on the exit.
At one point, we had parked at a bank and had started walking through a cow pasture to get to the park.
I quickly nixed that idea because I knew it was probably a mile to the stadium.
We got back in the car, drove down and found a "semi" legal parking spot right near the parking lot.
We got there just in time to hear the last few of Nelly's songs. I wish we had been there for all of it!
We had tickets on the field and it was awesome!
The concert was great!
Baby get your shine on!
Baby you a song, you make me want to roll my windows down and CRUISE!
She gets me like no one else does! 
Just a few more days until she is here for an entire week!

B Boy had a game on Saturday morning and he had a hit!
We went to the batting cages today and he was hitting most every pitch that Tim threw to him! We will master the pitching machine! Once he gets to coach pitch- watch out!
Today we went to church. We had a great sermon by our pastor and a great Sunday school lesson.
I had Bible study this afternoon. This study is about sexuality and how God intended it. We have discussed a LOT of things and a lot of it focuses on how we are going to teach this to our children. 
Purity is something I want to instill in both of my children. It is not something that is easy to do in our culture, but I am constantly praying for God to guide me in my role as their guide.

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