Monday, June 25, 2012

Baseball and VBS

I have to say, that I have fallen in love with baseball this summer.  
Not just because of my darling little boy wearing his adorably cute tee ball uniform, but that did help!
We have went to two games of our minor league baseball team, the Arkansas Naturals, and we have listened to and kept up with our Arkansas Diamond Hogs as they played double elimination in the College World Series (and they sadly were doubly eliminated). Now, we have to see if South Carolina or Arizona wins the Championship Series (best of 3 games) and comes out champ in the CWS!
Baseball has been a fun, family activity for us.  It is so relaxing to sit in your chair, out in the open air and watch a game.
It's awesome to watch your little boy join a baseball game at the park where big boys are playing.  It's even funner to see him up to bat and actually HIT the ball!!!
And even if we don't watch the game the whole time, we all still have such fun together.  Even if it is 100 degrees outside and you visit the walk through water mister about 30 times!
Oh, and the 7th inning stretch where everyone stands and sings, "Take me out to the ball game..."
Vacation Bible School started at church today.  It was a lot of fun.  I am volunteering this year and I have to say that I got a really good crew! There are four of them and they will going into 6th grade next year, great age!
We had over 600 children and over 150 workers!
The theme is "Sky- Everything is Possible with God!"
I know God will do great things this week.  I am praying for more seeds to be planted in kids' hearts!


  1. We have a minor league team in Arkansas? How did I not know that?? Where do they play?

    1. We have TWO! The Naturals in Springdale and The Travelers in Little Rock :-)

  2. Baseball will always hold a special place in my heart. I grew up playing softball and I still follow MLB today. There's just something about a baseball game on a warm summer night!

  3. That is some intense VBS! Mine as a kid was in a basement... I think that probably says it all. Not much bible-ing and a lot of horsing around!

    1. Our church certainly does an awesome job for VBS, we had over 700 kids today. The VBS of my childhood was also vastly different!


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