Friday, February 11, 2011

Waxing Nostalgic Part XI

So we left for our wedding as I was turning 22 years old.  Looking back it seems so young!!!  At the time, however, I felt so mature.  I was graduating college and getting married! And going somewhere exotic to get married!  I love traveling and this was right up my alley. 

We flew from Little Rock to Dallas to Puerto Rico to St. Lucia.  Long flights!  The plane from Puerto Rico to St. Lucia was small though.  And a bit scary!  The airport in St. Lucia is nothing like airports here.  It was tiny and not modern at all.  But it was very islandy!  After landing, we were taken in a shuttle to the resort.  The island of St. Lucia itself is very poor.  We stayed at a Sandals resort on the island.  There are actually 3 sandals resorts on the island.  We were able to "hop" over to the others to enjoy the food and swimming and other activities.

We arrived on Monday and our wedding was on Friday afternoon.  So basically the honeymoon was before the wedding.  Kind of backwards but it was great.  The food at the resort was great!  It was all inclusive too, so food and drinks were free and anytime!  The dining areas were open air, so we dined with birds and cats daily!

You could also go sailing and paddleboating in the ocean.  We had a very memorable paddleboating experience while there.  We decided to go and it was very windy that day.  I wanted to go pretty far out.  It was nice paddleboating in the ocean with my soon to be husband.  We eventually decided we needed to go back.  Since it was so windy, the waves were pushing us farther out.  I thought we should just hit a straight shot back but it was going to be fighting the waves the whole time.  Tim tried to convince me to take a longer but easier route.  I would not be swayed.  We almost died out there!  Our of pure exhaustion trying to paddle against the current.  I think I even cried during the ordeal.  Oh my stubborness!  We finally made it back to the shore.  However, I still have not lived down that experience.  Tim makes sure to bring it up regularly.  I think part of the deal is he lets me be stubborn.  He should just take charge! Right?!

I loved that resort, our room, the beach, the pool and spending time with Tim.  We had such a good time that week.  The resort took care of all the wedding details.  That was so nice.  They did the cake, took the pictures, cleaned my dress, etc.  Amazing!  I have more stories from the big day coming soon!

to be continued...


  1. Found you through FTLOB - blog hop. If I were to get married again, I think I'd like to do it your way!

  2. Wow! What a special story. :)
    Thanks for linking up! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

  3. Thanks ladies! And thanks for stopping by!

  4. I can't wait for the next "installment." Your loving husband...


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