Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Week reading, Easter egg coloring & decorating

I feel like it has been very hard for me to get in my Holy week zone this year. There have been so many things vying for my time and it is so frustrating. Not only that, but my heart is grieved for families of my friends and situations that are happening in the lives of friends or others in our community. 

But God is so good to remind me to get back on track. I am focusing the rest of the time before Easter on preparing my heart. I'm also rejoicing for new life that is coming soon in the life of friends! There will be new sweet babies in our Sunday school class and that is a beautiful thing.

This paper below is something I found a couple of years ago and we read it with the kids to help them understand what Holy Week is all about. We elaborate and we answer questions that they have.
We also decorated the house for Easter recently and painted/colored eggs on Monday evening.

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  1. That handout is the PERFECT way to explain it to kids. That's what I needed! You have beautiful decorations. I'm embarrassed that I forgot to decorate this year :(


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