Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Good Friday!!! (the week in review)

It has been a good week. 

I had my monthly book club Tuesday night. We had to cancel the month before, so we talked a little about both books. We read The Aviator's Wife and The Storyteller. They are both great books and I highly recommend them!

Wednesday night, I filled in at AWANA for my friend's husband who leads a group with her. I love getting to watch my kiddos interact with their friends. I also got to watch them both during game time! I also found out that C Girl will be moving up to the next level next year. I was shell shocked. I thought she was still going to be a Spark. I wish they would stop growing up!
I also had lunch with a friend at a local tea room on Wednesday. I cannot tell you how awesome their orange rolls are!
Last night, we had a Sunday school class get together over at the home of a lady (Susan) from our church who is also a counselor. She does these evenings every couple of months with us to talk to us about different topics. 

Last night's topic was comparison. What a topic. This is such a big thing for us as women. We compare ourselves to each other, but we also compare ourselves to what we think we should be. I tend to be hard on myself about my home and never feeling like I can keep up and keep it orderly or have things caught up. I also struggle with a friend comparison, such as, "why does she not like me as much as she likes her?
I think we all struggle with situations like that. I also know that it is silly, but it is one of those things that sneaks into my head. I've never been one to wish for others' material things or talents or such. I have wished that I had more of someone's personality or humor. It's strange how it works. 

Susan told us last night that we need to not be worrying about what someone else has, but to ask God, "with what I've been given, what do you want me to do with it?" 
Comparison is poison and comparison breeds discontentment always.

Today is my sister in law and best friend's birthday!!! Happy birthday Jessica!!!
I have so many things to get accomplished today! I hate having to be so busy, but I kept putting things off this week! C Girl performs at school tonight and we have Good Friday service at church. I also have to make food for our family Easter tomorrow. I cannot wait to see my little nephews!!!

Here is some great music for this Good Friday:

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  1. That food looks fantastic and what a great topic to discuss!


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