Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Sentences

I want to start off by saying that I hope I don't convey our life to be all sunshine and roses.  There are so many days where I hurt and don't feel well (Ibuprofen is my best friend).  I'm a very impatient momma most days. I'm moody and hormonal a lot.  I have momma comparison guilt.  Things do not always work out well. Granted, we have older kids now and things do go a bit smoother, but I certainly remember lots of times when they were younger and things would not always go how I had planned!

I did not leave our house from Monday evening when I got home from visiting family until Thursday afternoon when I had errands that I HAD to run.  It was so nice to do NOTHING for two days! While we were out, we met up with April and Ryan at the library and watched some great jugglers.  Actually, they are juggologists.
I also early voted in our school millage election and finally got this book in at the library-
Friday Tim was off work again and we had a playdate at the splash park with people from our Sunday School class.  We all had a lot of fun!
I got to visit with lots of ladies from church and C Girlie and B Boy played with Natalyn!
I hope you don't mind me using your pictures Gretchen!
Afterwards, we tried out a Burger place in town that we had never eaten at and it was VERY good!
We had planned for awhile to let the kids "camp out" in the backyard, so we put in on the calendar for Friday night.  We also made some YUMMY homemade ice cream.  Here is the recipe for said ice cream.  We only made 1/4 of the recipe, but I think I will make this ice cream for their birthday party.  We also tried a sangria recipe.  I had made one last year that was amazing, but I didn't write it down and we don't remember what was in it.  This one was good, but not as good as last year's.
The camping out went pretty good.  We stayed up late listening to the Razorback Diamond Hogs who have been in the College Baseball World Series.  If they won last night, they would have advanced to the Championship Series.  But, sadly, they were beat by the South Carolina Gamecocks two nights in a row.  And then the kiddos woke up reeeeeaaalllly early this morning, so I think everyone is a little tired today!

We are supposed to go watch the Arkansas Naturals play the Arkansas Travelers tomorrow night, but we will see how that goes.  It is going to be incredibly hot this weekend.  We are even under a special weather statement about the heat.  Our heat index could be 105 degrees tomorrow!

I also have a VBS meeting tomorrow because Vacation Bible School starts on Monday!!! We are all excited!  It will be a lot of fun!

AND, I have to finish packing for vacation!  I have started, so that is good.  It doesn't even seem real yet, but I know it will when we finally tell the kids the news!


  1. "borrowing" pictures only costs $5.00 per pic!hahah Good to see you on Thurs, maybe one of these days when my kiddos are older, I will get to have an actual conversation with another adult!!

    1. I'll pay you next time I see you! LOL. It was good to see you too! It is hard to talk with little ones!


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