Monday, April 25, 2016

the weekly recap {April 18-24}

It has been a full, but very good week! This post is heavy on photos, but they make me happy!

Monday evening was very interesting.  Tim went to the school board meeting like usual. There was a break a couple of hours in and he decided to come home. When he got home, he had received a text from another principal about a rumor online that our superintendent was going to be resigning and going to be the new superintendent for the Little Rock School district. To say we were shocked is an understatement. LRSD has been taken over by the state and has a lot of problems. We stayed up late to follow Twitter and a group on Facebook who were still at the board meeting to see what the news was going to be. 
When the board finally came out of executive session, we found out that the rumors had been true and our supt was leaving! Craziness! We will miss him so much!

This girl turned 13 on Tuesday!!!
Happy 13th birthday, Sissy Girl!
The boys singing together!
Women's ministry spring lunch!
We had Olive Garden food- Pasta e fagioli soup, salad, bread and dessert!
We also heard a testimony from a lady who works at our church.
It was such a good story of her life!
B Boy went home with a friend after school on Wednesday. C Girl had been telling us that her tennis shoes were squeezing her feet, so we made it a girls shoe shopping trip after school! She did all of the work choosing and trying on the shoes! She found a really cute pair of Skechers!
Tim met us at Pei Wei for dinner! It is one of my all time favorite places now! It was C's first time there and she loved the kids lo mein!
We met back up at church for Awana awards!
B Boy finished his book this year and received the Alpha award!
We are so proud of the hard work they put in every Wednesday night learning God's word!
Thursday morning, we had a progress appointment for C Girl's orthodontic work. Things are going super well! She gets a new appliance soon and her bottom braces will be coming off soon too!
Since Tim took the morning off, we grabbed lunch together at the new location of Pressroom downtown. It was SO good! The restaurant is pretty swanky in my opinion, but I like it!
Thursday ended up being a very full day. B Boy had a baseball game at 6, but had to be there at 5. C Girl had choir rehearsal and had to be at church at 6. We met at the park by the baseball fields to meet daddy for a picnic dinner and playtime. We separated briefly so I could take the girl to church and then I came back to watch the game.
This boy has my heart!
First of all, I did not realize how big of deal stealing bases was to boys this age. It is ALL they think about! It is so fun to watch them get on base and then work on stealing the next base!!!
The game was super exciting! B's team was ahead most of the game and then the other team rallied and took the lead. Since we were the home team, we got to hit again at the end. We managed to steal enough bases to come back and win 9-8!!! The boys were thrilled!
B Boy has played 3rd base again this year. This year has been interesting. 
Since it is boy pitch, there aren't as many hits, so there isn't as much action. There is a lot of base stealing happening though!
My brother Keith and nephew Parker drove up for the day to visit on Friday!
We had lunch with the kids at school!
The kids were so happy to have uncle Keithy and Parker at school!
Next, we went to visit Tim at his school!
There's a new principal in town!
Tim took us on a tour of his school. The orchestra played for us!
Uncle Tim and Parker!
Love my Parker boy so much and so happy to get to see him!
We had such a fun visit!
After school Friday started our 2 week break from school! Yay!
We had dinner at Flying Fish before taking C Girl to choir rehearsal.
We had to make another shoe shopping trip because this boy had tore up his Nike's. We had to buy him size SEVEN in men's shoes!!!! He needs to stop growing so much!
Tim and I found a few new things for ourselves too!
The weather has been AMAZING lately. Saturday was no different. It was the opening day of the Bentonville Farmer's market and we have been so excited for that!!!
All four of us have new tennies at the same time for maybe the first time ever! 
I love the musicians who play at different spots downtown!
Our town is SO neat!
We also visited the Diversability Awareness festival!
I love that they have this to bring awareness to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
I picked up a couple of macarons at the Farmer's market and they were incredible!
C Girl had dress rehearsal that morning and then we went home for lunch before heading to an afternoon movie. We saw The Jungle Book and it was such a great movie!!!
We enjoyed the weekend so much!
Sunday was a big day! C Girl sang in church with the children's choir and main choir in morning service and then the spring musical was that evening! She had a part in a special dance for the musical.
Singing their hearts out!
After church, we did yard work. 
We had picked up some flowers for the yard and I loved this hanging basket we got for the fence in the backyard!
We also ordered a raised garden bed because we are going to have a little garden this summer!
We headed back to church for the musical.
C Girl did an amazing job with the dance she was a part of!
You can watch it here:  
The kids did an amazing job! I love watching the children of my friends sharing their talents and creativity in a God honoring way! We are so proud of all the hard work they put in to this production. I'm so thankful for a church that does so much with kids and lets them shine their light for Jesus!
And I'm so proud of C Girl and how brightly she shines! She has grown up so much the last few years and she amazes me! 


  1. The choir did a great job Sunday morning! We almost went to hear them again Sunday night, but L was EXHAUSTED from her Saturday, so we stayed home. I kind of would like her to hear a children's choir where they sing instead of yell. Never tell a four-year-old who truly feels at home while at church to sing loudly SMH.

  2. What a fantastic post! I enjoyed all the photos! Looks like a busy but great week!


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