Monday, April 18, 2016

the weekly recap {April 11-17}

Hello friends! I hope you have had a lovely week!

I feel like our family is in such a sweet spot right now. Even though, I'm going through health issues, we are thriving and doing so well. I have had time to focus on our family and home and that makes me so happy. 

This past week, B Boy had standardized testing at school. We don't ever emphasize it or put any stress on it, but we do make sure they get enough sleep and have a really good breakfast every day that week. He was testing Monday through Thursday for an hour to an hour and a half a day. That isn't too bad, but it's hard for kids to sit for that long at a time!

On Monday, I worked on laundry and we took C Girl to her piano lessons that afternoon. 
I can't wait until she has a piano recital. I know she has learned a lot this year!

I didn't feel up to making it to Bible study on Tuesday morning. I missed the little brunch that was planned with the author of our book. I had heard her speak at our latest Sweet Retreat and really enjoyed it! I did make it to do Tuesday folders though! It takes only about 20 minutes and I know it is a big help to B Boy's teacher!
The kids had spring pictures on Tuesday.
C Girl was so proud of the outfit she picked out and that she was wearing her "C" initial necklace.
B Boy, on the other hand, was disappointed that he could not wear athletic clothing to school. 

B Boy had baseball practice on Tuesday night and Tim has been so sweet to take him to practice most times. The weather has been beautiful to play outside after school but it still gets pretty chilly after the sun goes down and his practices usually start around 7 and last a couple of hours. I try to get C Girl in bed on time, but she always wants to wait up for daddy!
 The beautiful blooms on our cherry trees in our front yard!

C Girl rigging an umbrella up in the front yard!
 I didn't get to see the girl I mentor this week because she was sick. 
I did go to the PTO meeting at school on Wednesday. They were discussing the leadership board for next year and it looks like I may be the joint treasurer for next year. I'm very excited to be more involved in the schools next year. I will be stepping back from BPTO after doing that for 3 years. 
Wednesday night was the final regular Awana night of the year. This week will be the Awana awards and then we will have Wednesday nights off until September! I love the nights they are in Awana and all of the great stuff they learn and I also love the other times that we are off and get more family time!

I wanted to share that in the beginning of the year when I was printing off monthly calendars for the menu and what not, I came across a post that had a printable weekly list. It was a place to write each day the things that you need to/want to get done. It seems like a simple system, but it has been revolutionary for me. For me, it's better than a typical "to do" list because it is doled out by day. I have been getting so much more accomplished with this method.
Another thing I've started doing lately is keeping the kitchen clean every day. I'm really so bad about this usually. I've started a system where we run the dishwasher every night and then I unload it in the morning and then load it again throughout the day. I also do the hand washing in the morning and in the afternoon when the kids get home and unload their lunchboxes. When the kitchen is cleaned and kept up, it makes the entire house feel so much more clean and organized. It's the center of the home, so keeping it orderly sets the stage for everything!

On Thursday, I went to the PTO meeting at the middle school that C Girl will be attending next year. It's possible that I might be secretary on the board next year. I'm super excited to start this middle school journey and I know being involved will be great for me and for her! She is beyond thrilled and ready for 5th grade!

Thursday evening, our church hosted the first Tacos and Testimonies. 
We started with a yummy taco meal and then went to the worship center to hear the testimonies of women in the church and our guest speaker, Kim Jaggers.
As I was listening to these amazing ladies speak, it occurred to me that our testimonies are the most powerful ways to communicate about Jesus to the world
It is our story and no matter how transformative it may or may not seem, or how boring we may believe our journey to Christ to be, any time that Jesus changes your heart and you surrender your life to him, that is a big deal! 
 Jess, Danielle, and I 

Laurie and Kim Jaggers
On Friday morning, I had to take Sissy to the vet to get her teeth cleaned and a general checkup.
She couldn't eat after 8 pm the night before so she was a sad, hungry bear!
She had a good visit and we were glad to have her home in the evening!
 She was pretty loopy from the anesthesia they had to give her.
 I did the big grocery run after dropping Sissy at the vet. After dropping testing snacks at the school for next week while C Girl tests, getting home and putting groceries away, I was spent!
We had an easy dinner of chili dogs! Tim and I have really enjoyed having at home date nights lately. While the kids watch a movie in the playroom, we watch a movie in the living room. Friday night's choice was The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. It was so funny! 

I woke up in the middle of the night with horrendous pain in my right knee. It had me in tears! After doing some research later in the day, I think I was experiencing gout. That is something I always associated with older people, but that is a myth. BUT, I hope to never have to deal with that pain ever again!

B Boy had team pictures and an early game on Saturday.
 Strike from the Naturals came to visit the team!
His team won their game!
 We spent the rest of the day at home. Tim and the kids played outside a ton and even went on a bike ride. We had homemade pizza for dinner. C Girl insists on spreading the dough on the pan and putting the sauce on the pizza. Sometimes it's hard for me to hand over the control, but I love watching her learn and love to do things in the kitchen. She's such an independent, "try it out herself" girlie.

I had to do my re-dose of Humira on Saturday night. 4 shots at one time. I was so anxious. I didn't know what to expect last year when I started, but I did this year. I got through it and it wasn't too bad. Here's to seeing if this helps!
 We had church on Sunday and then went to eat at our favorite Mexican place afterwards. Tim and the kids always try to convince me to eat out after church every Sunday. 
We usually have leftovers to eat, but maybe I need to budget in eating out because it was nice and I loved coming home & not having to clean up the kitchen after lunch!
We had an incredibly relaxing afternoon! Tim and the kids worked on a puzzle and I laid in bed reading! C Girl had church activities in the evening. She has her choir musical next week and all of the Sunday evening activities will be over after that!

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  1. Are you by chance on steroids for your medical issues? The knee pain could be related. My first pregnancy cured me of my asthma but when I was in my late teens I needed steroids several times. I always had side effects and the knee pain was awful. It happened at night usually and it was horrible. Just thought I would throw it out there! I do have a friend who has gout and the swelling is quite bothersome.


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