Monday, April 11, 2016

the weekly recap {April 4-10}

I had my post CT appointment with my doctor on Monday. I got so much good information. The CT showed inflammation and scar tissue of long portion of my ileum. It did not specify exactly how long that portion was, so I have to have a small bowel x-ray. Sadly, they could not schedule it until May 5th. The waiting on insurance and clinics has been very hard. All of this started again mid-February, so it has now been two months. When you are experiencing daily pain, that's a long time! People say all the time, "well you still seem to be enjoying life or getting things done!"  Well, I guess I do, but that's all contributed to strong pain meds. Thank goodness for them. 
We are also going to re-dose my Humira soon (waiting on insurance approval and the specialty pharmacy.) We will see if that helps again like it did last year. If it does not provide me with relief, I will be a candidate for a bowel resection. I'm equal parts nervous and ready for that to be the outcome. I'm so ready to feel good again.

B Boy had his first baseball game of the season on Monday night. He had an RBI! 
post game huddle
On Tuesday, I had Bible study and Tuesday folders at school. Tim took B Boy to the batting cages by our house that evening and they had a great practice!

I had lunch with my 5th grade girl on Wednesday.
After school, I snapped this pic of B Boy working on drawing :-)
 Later that afternoon, the three of them were in the playroom all on the keyboard attempting to write music together. I love how creative and smart they all are in their own ways!
 I spent Wednesday and Thursday switching the kids clothes over. It has been consistently warm here, so we needed the short sleeved shirts! And the boy needed shorts! I was also able to get a bunch of stuff done at home that I was needing to get accomplished.

This cat would love to be in this position every minute of her life. I don't know if she is just more needy with age or what. She just always wants to be near me and on me. Oh well. It's fun to snuggle with her!
 Tim planted tulip bulbs in the fall and they have been blooming lately and making me so happy!
 B Boy had baseball practice at 7:15 on Thursday night, so the girlie and I stayed home and painted our nails! She was excited because I had just bought a mint green nail polish that she loved!

I went to visit Mr. Overstreet on Friday morning. We were asked to have our person that we visit tell us when they came to know the Lord. He shared that when he was 13 years old and visiting his grandfather in Texas, they decided to have a brush arbor camp-meeting on his ranch. At the altar call time, Mr. Overstreet's uncle went forward and that encouraged him to do so as well. That means he has had a relationship with Christ for 86 years!!!! That blows my mind! I also can't believe he will be 100 years old this October! What a privilege to know him!
I had lunch with the kids on Friday. C Girl left me about halfway through to go sit with her friends. She is getting so big and definitely thinking she is so big! She was happy to see me, but apparently, since all of her friends all brought their lunch box that day- it was a big deal to all be together! LOL! Kids are so funny!
I had to have more labwork done and I went to Target. Why is it that I go to Target for one specific thing and then come out with at least 5 more things! I didn't go too crazy this time, but I did tell Tim, "pray that I don't spend $80 at Target!" I did not!

I made sesame chicken for dinner (so good) and then we made semi-homemade Lofthouse cookies for dessert. I had homemade sugar cookie dough in the freezer so I baked those cookies and then used a store bought white icing and clear sugar crystals. They were super yummy!
The kids watched a movie in the play room and we watched an old movie that we DVR'd, The Fugitive. It was good and I love Harrison Ford! I also love this guy!!!
B Boy had a ball game on Saturday afternoon. It was SUCH a nice day! My body craves sun and warmth! This game was tough on our team. The other team had a LOT of big boys. I'm not sure what happened there. We ended up losing badly and just had a tough game overall. I do feel that it is a great opportunity to teach the boys perseverance and doing your best even in tough circumstances. It's hard to keep a good attitude when you lose, but in the end, they are there to have fun and learn to love the game! B Boy had fun and loves the game, so that's a win in our book!
And he is so darn adorable out there!!!
I left the game a couple of minutes early to go to our POA meeting.
Daddy took the kids to get ice cream before taking them fishing for a couple of hours.
C Girl ended up catching EIGHT fish!!!! Tim said that she was begging the fish not to bite by the end! She is quite the fisher girl! I love it!
I'm a part of the NWA Digital Ambassadors through the NWA Council. 
They treated us to tickets to the Naturals game yesterday.
We got to meet the General manager and the Team manager.
The guy below is the Team manager, Vance Wilson.
He is a former major league catcher.
He had good stories and gave good advice for what he would say to a 9 year old baseball player- have fun, play other sports and learn music! Learning music helps with hand/eye coordination and dexterity. 
He also said that only around 17,000 players have ever made it to the World Series.
It's a long road making it to the pros and even more rare to play in that game.
Basically- it's likely not to ever happen, so have fun out there and enjoy the game!
BUT, on last year's KC Royals World series winning team- 13 players had previously played for the Naturals! So cool!
The wind was insane yesterday, but we couldn't feel it at our seats so we were so thankful for that!
You rarely get to see a home run, but we saw SIX yesterday! So fun!
It was so cute to see the kids sitting with some friends from school that were there too. They watched the game together and just talked and laughed!
We had a great time together!
We love Naturals games so much!
B Boy still loves the mascots and wants his picture with them, C Girl does not so much anymore. So sad! ;-)
B Boy was also mesmerized by the players warming up and he really gets into the games a lot now- knowing exactly the plays and what is going on. 
We got home, took C Girl to church because she did not want to miss GA's, cut B Boy's hair and got him to bed because he has standardized testing this week.

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  1. What a busy but great week! Hope this week is just as fantastic. Love those tulips!


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