Monday, July 23, 2012

Disney World Day 5 {Magic Kingdom}

I'm almost finished with these posts, so bear with me!!!
If you want a weight loss plan- go to Disney in July, you will sweat your booty off! 
Also- I highly, highly recommend getting to the parks right when they open. The crowds are very light and you can do the big rides quickly without much wait!

4th of July

We got up really early because the park opened an hour earlier at 8 am. It was hard to get up early, but we did it! We rested the day before and then didn't stay up too terribly late the night before. 
We went to the food court and got a yummy breakfast and then headed to the bus stop. The bus rides, to us, have been great. We have never waited more than 10 mins for a bus to come and then the ride to the park you are going to is about 10-20 mins depending on how far you are going. (Animal Kingdom was farther from our resort, so took longer to get to). It is easy to get to the bus stops and find the bus you need as well.

So, we arrived at the park shortly after it opened. We have been obsessed with riding the big rides at the parks, so we headed straight back to Splash Mountain! This was fun/scary! The picture of us is hilarious!!! B Boy was terrified, he even started crying! He did not want to do that again! 

Tim really wanted to do Thunder Mountain Railroad, so him and C Girlie did that one together while B Boy and I waited on them! They had a lot of fun and apparently, it was much, much tamer than Expedition Everest!

Next up, we were going to go get in line to meet some Disney Princesses! On the way, we got to have another picture with Donald Duck! Then, we popped into a Disney Christmas store and the kids got to decorate a little Christmas tree, they got a certificate for doing so, and they got to pick out a small ornament for themselves! It was very neat! We also bought an ornament for our Christmas tree!

We finally made it to the princesses and the kids got to meet Rapunzel, Belle, and Cinderella! C Girlie was stoked! I'm pretty sure B Boy enjoyed it too! ;-) 

We then went to the thing that they had most wanted to see on this trip- the Disney Castle!!! It was so neat walking up the steps and then through the castle! As you walk through, you walk into Fantasyland! It's neat! And they are currently working on building a new Fantasyland! 

The first thing we did was the carousel. Our kiddos love these things!
Next up, we walked down to the big top tent to ride Dumbo! It's an easy, but fun ride. Then we did a small, non scary roller coaster- The Barnstormer. I really liked it even though it was really short! And then, we had to do the Mad Hatter's Tea Party teacups!

By this time, we had been at the park for 3 hours and we were starving, so we went to the Starlight Cafe for lunch. C Girlie had been having some tummy issues while we had been there and she was ready to head back to the room to rest! B Boy was tired and ready for a nap too! We took a 2 1/2 hour nap! So nice and needed!

We got up and got ready for our dinner. It was at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian Resort and it was a Character Dinner! The kids got to see Cinderella, Prince Charming, the evil stepmother and the evil stepsisters. They enjoyed this so much! Do at least one Character meal when you go to Disney!

It had rained a bit while we napped and cooled the temperature down to 80! What a nice relief for the evening!

After dinner, we rode a boat from the resort back to Magic Kingdom. We also got to stop at the Polynesian Resort.

We knew that the park would be extra crowded for the show, so we finally found a spot near the front of Main Street USA so it would be easier to exit the park. I read somewhere that the max capacity for MK was 100,000. It had to be at capacity or more. There were an insane amount of people!

The fireworks were great!  Here is the link to my post from Independence Day.  The finale of the show was fireworks going off in a circle all around the park from front to back.  SO NEAT.  It was hot and insanely crowded, but definitely a unique memory to have spent the 4th at Disney World.
Funniest picture EVER!
2nd Funniest picture EVER!
The Grand Floridian


  1. Oh my gosh, I am still laughing at the Splash Mountain picture and the pic with the wicked queen!!! Those are hysterical!!! Looks like you guys had a blast!!!

  2. I love the Splash Mt pic!!! Nat will be jealous that your kiddos got to meet the princesses!!!

  3. That stepmother picture is hilarious!!

  4. I love the stepmother photo!! When we took Tyler when he was little I was so glad we did a character breakfast he really got time with them to get their autographs and talk to them. We stayed at the polynesian when went and since we had gone to disney in may it was our anniversary so in honor of that we attended the dinner luau which had great food!

    1. Aw, thanks for sharing! I love hearing people's memories from Disney! I really did love doing the character meal!


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