Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another edition of Happy Things

***C Girlie, April, Ryan, Ryan's friend, and I attended my friend Jennifer's baby shower on Sunday.
I went to school with Jennifer and her husband. We graduated high school together and even went to the same college.
April is my cousin and we attended school the same schools, but not always at the same time! Both these girlies live right near me up here in Bentonville and Jennifer does my hair now!
I cannot wait to meet Ms. Lyla Grace!
***Kelly, a lovely lady that I go to church with blogs for our local TV station's morning show, KNWA Today.  Yesterday, she featured a couple of my recipes on the blog.  If you'd like to, head over and check that out :-).

***Yesterday, the kids and I headed down to Ft. Smith to visit with my SIL Veronica and two of my nephews.  We had SUCH a great visit!  I got to watch Noah for a couple of hours while Veronica went to a meeting.  She is starting her 1st year teaching this year!  I fed him some yogurt and played with him!  My other nephew is 10 and cooked all of us pancakes- ALL by himself!  He's really growing up!
Isn't he PRECIOUS?!

***We sang this song in church on Sunday, and it just touched me SO much.  I thought I would share it with you if you haven't already heard it.


  1. You looked super cute at the shower! We used to sing that hymn with the residents when I worked with alzheimers patients... it is a classic and still as wonderful today! :)

    1. Thanks!
      I just love the added chorus on it. It just gets me every time!


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