Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Week {July 15-21}

Last weekend was pretty uneventful.  We went to an outdoor concert at Orchard's Park on Friday night.  The weather happened to be really great!  On Saturday, we had a birthday party to attend for one of Braden's friends.  It was at JumpZone, so naturally, he had a blast.  Sunday was church and laziness.

I was very much looking forward to this past week so that I could have a lot of staying home, staying cool, and laziness!

Tuesday, we did venture out and meet up with April and Ryan to hit up the $2 movie at the Malco.  How to Train Your Dragon was playing.  I love that movie.  We also went to lunch, and the kids and I had our first Steak & Shake adventure! It was yummy!

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday were spent mainly just at home doing some cleaning and hanging out.
On Wednesday, I wrote about how we try eat healthy AND frugally.

Friday, we had a little get together with some folks from our Sunday School class at a local park.  It was very neat.  The kids played in the creek and caught crawfish!  There was even a cave where the water from the creek originated and it was sending out refreshing cold air!

Friday evening, we went to Colton's for a great steak dinner and we did some back to school/birthday party/baby shower shopping!  I LOVE back to school shopping!  The kids had a lot of fun picking out their new supplies for school.  I CANNOT believe both of them will be in school this year.

This morning, our Farmer's Market downtown was celebrating Walmart's 50th anniversary.  I caught wind that Kris Allen was performing, so we got ready and hopped on down there! Our farmer's market is always fun and neat.  This morning it was PACKED! But we did get to see Kris Allen perform, so that was fun.
After we got home, I saw on Facebook that Kirk Herbstreit was there not long after we left.  Bummer that we missed him.


  1. Back to school shopping is my favorite! Actually, new school supplies are my favorite. I'm a sucker for new crayons and notebooks.

  2. I still get excited about new pens and notebooks!

    We used to have a $1.50 movie here. That would be good to take the kids to noe.

    1. Yeah, I wish we had a cheap movie place all the time. It's so expensive to go to the movies!


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