Wednesday, April 22, 2015

weekly update

It has been such a full week.

Last Tuesday night, some girls from our Sunday school class met at the home of Susan Goss to have a discussion about prayer.

On Wednesday, I had my quarterly labs to check the status of inflammation in my body. I also had them add celiac labs because I still have been experiencing a few issues. 
My inflammation was dramatically down and I do not have celiac! However, I am having more trouble with lactose intolerance than I had previously thought.

It was also the last regular night of Awana for the kids! B Boy finished his 3rd book in 3 years so he will get the Sparky award! I know C Girl is getting an award too but not sure what it is called!

B Boy had a soccer game on Thursday night. His team won and had a great time!

C Girl had her first tennis lesson on Friday afternoon. It went great and she had a lot of fun!

B Boy had a baseball game that night. He got to score on his first time up to bat! So fun!

The school was also having an art auction Friday evening. C Girl's class was performing at it, so we left the boy's game a little early and headed over to that. They did a cute little performance and we "adopted" the kiddos' pet rocks.

We had a crazy storm come through on Friday night. It became stationary and hailed for 10 solid minutes! It obliterated C Girl's cabbage plant that she was growing for school :-(

On Saturday, B Boy's games were rained out so we were able to leave earlier to go to Ft. Smith to celebrate my SIL's birthday. It ended up being a beautiful day!
We had such a great time! We shopped, had dinner, and even hopped in a casino to play penny machines for a few minutes- that was definitely interesting!

Sunday was a rough day all around, but I did manage to take a few spring pictures of the kids at a local park. Sunday was also my cat, Sissy Girl's 12th birthday!!!

Yesterday, I took B Boy to the ENT to once again be evaluated for sleeping issues. He will be getting his tonsils removed this fall :-(

I had an appointment at the dentist yesterday afternoon because I chipped one of my bonded teeth last week.
 C Girl making cornbread to go with our beans for dinner one night.
 Sweet friends after a great time of fellowship.
I found her in bed like this when I got home from Susan's house.
lots of hail!
happy birthday Jessica!!!! Big 30!
bathroom pictures!
This boy has been eating adult meals for awhile now!!! He is growing up!
after an hour and 15 minutes in the dentist chair.
Sweet, sweet friends celebrating the soon arrival of baby Will Holden!!!
I love these kiddos. They are growing up too fast.


  1. I've never been to your blog before and this post was massively full!!!! But I gotta tell you, getting your tonsils out does NOT sound fun. :(

  2. What a busy week! I would never have kept up as well as you did! Motherhood can be so exhausting and rewarding at the same time. :)


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