Saturday, May 2, 2015

this week

Last Wednesday, Tim left for a work conference in San Diego. 
I have to admit, I was slightly jealous of his trip!
We sent him some pics to remind him what he was missing at home, lol!
That night, we had awards night for Awana.
B Boy finished all 3 Sparks books in his 3 years, so he earned the Sparky Award!
We are proud of how much both of them have learned in Awana through the years!
I'm so thankful for their leaders. B Boy had the same leaders for all 3 years - love them!
Of  course, Tim left during the busiest Wed-Sat of the year.
I was SO exhausted. My iron has been low again and that did not help! And I had an awful cold sore :-(

Thursday, was piano lessons, choir rehearsal, and a soccer game. Whew!
It ended up being a tough loss for his team :-(
Tennis was canceled on Friday, but we still had choir rehearsal that evening.
Tim was able to eat at some really good restaurants and attend a Padres baseball game!
Saturday morning, we had choir rehearsal immediately followed by a soccer game.
I had to pack a lunch to take with us!

That evening, we went to the airport to pick up daddy!!!
We were so glad to have him home!
Sunday was a big day for C Girl! The children's choir performed in Sunday morning service and presented their spring program that evening!
C Girl had a part in a dance during the program.
We are incredibly proud of her.
I watched this video clip over and over and even cried some!

I'm so thankful she has so many sweet friends her age at church! I love their mommas too!
We celebrated with Braum's afterwards!
This past week was supposed to be an intercession for us, but we had snow makeup days Monday through Thursday.

On Monday, I checked C Girl out of school early to take her to an ortho appointment.
She was getting her bottom expander put in.
She did great until she learned that it would be cemented in. She had quite a meltdown, so the dentist decided to give her some "happy gas" and that was very effective and helpful!
She has been such a trooper dealing with all of the appliances!
B Boy had a baseball game that night. His team had been undefeated, but they lost really bad that night! I felt so bad!

Tuesday, I had my bi-monthly meeting with my mentor. I enjoy our time together so much!
Immediately following that, was our women's ministry spring brunch. We heard a great testimony and enjoyed great food!

I have narrowed it down this week that dairy has been causing me TONS of issues. I was miserable after the brunch and finally declared that dairy was OUT! I have been dairy-free for 3 days now and have felt fantastic!!!!

Tuesday evening, Tim's school had a night at the Natural's game. 
He had the honor of throwing out the first pitch! He did great!
The weather was nice and we stayed until the 6th inning before everyone got tired.
On Wednesday, I had such a fun day. I got to meet sweet baby, Will Holden, I visited Mr. Overstreet and then I had lunch with a sweet friend at a couple of local food trucks.
The weather may have been the best of the year so far!
That afternoon when Tim got home from work, we took the kids to fly these kites that had been in the garage for a year!!!
Thursday, I had a coffee date with my friend Berkli and I  had a hair appointment!
It was another day of feeling great!
The kids were out of school yesterday and all of next week for break! We ran a bunch of errands yesterday, had C's tennis lesson and then met Tim at the square for First Friday!

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