Friday, May 8, 2015

Tim's surprise 50th birthday party!

I've had to keep a pretty big secret since February. That is when I officially decided to throw Tim a surprise party for his 50th birthday. I have never had or thrown a surprise party before. 
I did have a couple of good partners in crime - my SIL's, Karen and Jessica!

It was definitely a challenge to plan the party from over 2 hours away, but I got it accomplished with help!

It was so nerve wracking trying to come up with what to tell Tim that we were doing. He thought that we were meeting Keith, Jessica and Parker to celebrate his and my birthdays since we won't really see them this month (this wasn't strange to him because we do lots of things with them.) I had told him that Keith was riding back from drill with some guys and that they had met at the hotel we were heading to. Keith had found out on Saturday that he is being promoted to E7, so I told Tim that Keith and those guys were inside having a celebratory drink. Tim completely believed me and had absolutely no idea what was really going on! I was so nervous because I recognized cars in the parking lot and thought for sure that he did too! He was SO surprised when we walked into the party room!!!

I was incredibly relieved that we pulled it off! I felt like a huge weight had been lifted!!!
I love the way his cake turned out!
I'm so super thankful for all of our family and friends who came to the party. Some even traveled to come! It's humbling to realize how much you are loved!
One of Tim's BFF's. We love Rick! So sad his wife couldn't make it because of work!
It was so special to have some of Tim's former football players be there. What a special bond they have.
I could have had a few more embarrassing pictures, but I thought that I would be nice!

We had a great dinner of fried catfish, fried chicken, hushpuppies, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes and rolls that was catered by the hotel restaurant. 
The lady in the purple was Tim's mom's BFF and their families lived right beside each other for years. It was so wonderful to have her attend! Such a special, spunky lady!
Tim was telling a funny story. I think we would have sit and listened to him for hours. He has lots of good stories and is gifted at telling them!
Tim and some of his former players. They sat around talking and I know they had the best time!
I got a picture and a smile from my Noah bug! He is basically the Puerto Rican version of my brother Kevin!
Happy birthday, my love! I'm so glad God put us together. I'm loved more than I deserve and am so thankful to have the absolute best daddy for our kids!
Siblings. So sad that Tim's brother could not make it!
Friends from college. So many memories with these girls!!! I would never have met Tim if hadn't been for that girl in the middle, my friend, Karri!
They love their uncles!
The party turned out better than I had hoped! I'm so happy he was surprised and we got to see so many people we love! I had people write their favorite memories of Tim and it was so sweet reading those memories!

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