Saturday, May 9, 2015

the weekly update [Bentonville Film Festival fun]

We have had a fun week during our May intercession from school!

On Sunday, we returned from staying with family and got back in time for the GA's mother/daughter tea and awards. C Girl earned a new charm for her bracelet through all of her completed GA Journey projects! 
That night, our church hosted an evening with the Duggars. 
I admire this family so much. Their children are super talented and very respectful. 
It was great to hear Michelle and Jim Bob's testimonies and stories from their life and marriage. 

On Monday, I took the kids to Orchard's Park to run around some and get some energy out!
They have some neat red fish in the pond.
Monday night, we had team baseball pictures for B Boy.
Tuesday was the opening day for our local strawberry patch. 
We had a fun time and picked 6 quarts of strawberries!
We have eaten a lot, made a strawberry cake, strawberry shortcakes and 7 containers of freezer jam!
On Wednesday afternoon, we went to explore the inaugural Bentonville Film Festival.
This is such a cool thing to come to our little town.
It was co-founded by Geena Davis and focuses on women and diversity in media.
We even had other A-list celebrities in town during the festival.
We hopped down to "sponsor village" to check out everything going on.
We had free hot dogs, drinks, and all sorts of things from the sponsors.
There were so many freebies and even a VIB (Very Important Beauty) lounge. You could go there and get your hair styled, get your nails done and your makeup!
Wednesday night, we had planned to take B Boy to High Rise for him winning our family bracket challenge back in February.
As we were leaving, C Girl started having an upset tummy. I decided to stay home with her and let the boys go have fun.
About a half hour later, I get a call from Tim- he didn't have his debit card and had no way to pay.
C Girl was feeling better, so her and I loaded up to go and meet them there.
Both kids ended up having a blast!
B Boy had a soccer game on Thursday night. His season is almost over. It's been fun watching him play!
Friday afternoon, C Girl had tennis lessons. B Boy had a baseball game at 8 pm. I haven't been feeling great the last half of the week, so C Girl and I decided to stay home and relax.
B Boy was supposed to have a baseball and soccer game this morning, but they were rained out.
We decided to make a trip to the farmer's market and one more visit to the film festival.
It was a beautiful morning!
Tim had me go in some boutiques to find something new, but I couldn't find anything I loved.
We came home and hung out and I finished decorating my Mother's Day/birthday cake.
I can't wait to eat some of it tomorrow!

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