Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Big Imaginations

My kids have always had big imaginations.
From the time they could talk, they have been playing make believe together.

I've love standing outside the room they are in and listening to the conversations they are having.
Even at this age, their imaginations and play are still going strong.

This afternoon, they called me back to C Girl's room for a puppet show.

I'm constantly impressed by C's ingenuity. She will find a way to make something work.
For example- the blanket they are using for the puppet show is tied to her closet door handles with her scarves.
 They make up the funniest plays, stories and songs.
I was also told today that there could be "no flash photography."  How funny is that?!!

It is a cold, dreary day here and church activities have been cancelled for tonight.
I'm thankful for the brightness that they bring to an afternoon like that.

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