Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow days and kid funnies

Buried down in my inbox have been some funny jewels from the kids over the past months. I thought it would be fun to share them:
  • This is how bad competition is in our house- the kids both got a snack after tee ball, but B also got a thing of apples and C didn't. He boasted- ha! I got more calories than you!
  • B boy- "mama, I thought you said just a minute." C Girl- "she meant a mama minute." Me- "what is a mama minute?"  C Girl- "it is whenever you get done with what you are doing and then see what we need." Oh, I was dying laughing inside because it's so true sometimes!!!
  • We three kings from Orientar. (like, if Orientar were a country!)
  • And a partridge in a pantry!
  • It keeps bothering me, but in a good way - C about her new Furby.
  • B Boy has become obsessed with football. He has watched a lot of it this year and listened and learned about everything Tim has told him.  Tim is very much into football as well and used to coach football, so they are quite the pair.  B boy has had the football in his hand 80% of the time and is always re-enacting plays, telling us about plays, and practicing throwing & catching.
  • We watched the tv version of the Sound of Music last month and C Girl has become obsessed with it!  She even gifted me the movie for Christmas. Coincidentally, the kids have watched it more than I have!
  • We have had some super cold temperatures lately and we mention the windchill a lot.  We found out yesterday that B thought we were talking about a windshield!!!
Church was cancelled Sunday and we have been out of school for two days due to the weather again.  I spent Sunday getting organized again.  I made a couple of new systems that I think will really help!
We have had a pretty good time during our snow days! The kids have played in the snow, helped me clean & bake, and we made paper snowflakes to decorate our dining room!  
Tomorrow is back to school and routine!  I will be starting off organized and with a clean house! I even cleaned the inside of my washing machine, people!

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