Friday, April 4, 2014

A not-so normal week

Well, it has been a weird week here in the Sparacino home. 
Monday, I cleaned around the house and Tuesday, I had Bible study. 
Tuesday evening, I started having a pretty serious allergy attack and I took 2 Benadryl at bedtime. It did not help and I was up most of the night. I had to miss meeting some sweet friends for breakfast Wednesday morning :-( After the kids left for school on Wednesday, I went back to sleep until noon. That is something that has never happened. I still felt so awful when I woke up. My throat and ears hurt terribly and I was severely worn out. 
I spent the rest of Wednesday and most of Thursday on the couch. 
It always feels so strange when I have been sick for a few days. The house just gets out of whack and I feel like I have lost time!

By yesterday evening, I had started to feel a little better.
We were supposed to have terrible weather and I had been trying to prepare for the worst.
Thankfully, we only had a little rain, wind and hail and it was over fairly quickly.
We also had an unexpected visit from Aunt Karen and Uncle Kevin George! The kids were thrilled to see them!!!
They are in the area to watch the Razorback Diamond Hogs play for the next few days.
Hopefully, they will get to see B Boy have baseball practice this weekend.
We have our first practice tonight. It's a big year because he is starting machine pitch baseball!!! He is so excited to start playing! Go Royals!

My poor, sweet C Girlie woke up early this morning and was sick. The yucky, pukey kind of sick. It is so sad seeing her that way. We are just hanging out and right now she is asleep. 
I was holding off on giving them the movie Frozen until Easter, but I decided that I would watch it with her today. 
She was supposed to have a party at school today celebrating the end of their standardized testing that they had this week. She is SO sad that she is missing it.

I have a women's event at church tonight and I am so ready to be out of the house!
We are having a wonderful fellowship and hearing from our own Susan Goss and from Erin Smalley. It's going to be a great night!
C Girl before church this past Sunday. I love how she loves to take purses to church.
The beautiful rainbow after the storm yesterday. It was so strange to see lightning streak across the sky with a rainbow, dark sky, and bright sunshine from the west.

I love mammatus clouds!


  1. It is so hard when you are sick - everything just gets off schedule and things feel so chaotic! glad you're feeling better and able to go to your event tonight! I hope C feels better soon!!!

  2. I'm so sorry you guys were so sick this week! It's so stressful to have stuff not in a routine. I love the pics but am even more glad the weather wasn't horrible or dangerous. Phew!

  3. So sorry to hear. Glad you're feeling better. It's alsways hard when you're sick and nothing really gets done. Have a wonderful Weekend.


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