Sunday, June 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home & a bit about Google Reader

After 9 days and two trips, we are finally back in our own home.  
It is nice to be home after being gone so long.  

I have so, so much to share with you guys, but it will have to wait until another day.

I am SO sad about Google Reader ending tomorrow.  I really, really hope I grow to love using Bloglovin' and Feedly.

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We came across these trees in Lake Providence, LA.  I thought they were so neat!
I'm off to unpack and love on my cats!


  1. I love those trees. My BIL lives in New Iberia LA and they have those and they are HUGE. They are cool, and a little spooky, looking.

    1. I thought they were the coolest! My dad told me that they are cypress trees!


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