Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hi, I'm still here

I've had a sick baby boy this weekend.  It started Friday night and lasted all night long.  We were pretty tired Saturday, but the boy seemed some better, so we set out to do some and antiquing and furniture shopping that we needed to do.

Saturday night, he was sick again :-(  But, it did not last all night long like the previous night.

Sunday morning, we stayed home from church as to not infect anyone else.  Tim emptied our storage building out in preparation for our moving sale.  We also did some work around here, and I filed our taxes.

And we are missing our Sunday school class Super Bowl party :-(  But we have Frito chili pie and chips & dip, so that makes me feel a little better :-)

B Boy still has fever, so he is gonna stay home with momma tomorrow.

Besides all of that, we've had birthday parties, doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, church directory pictures, church activities, signing up for spring baseball, cleaning, cooking, Bible study, meetings, a HUGE PTO fundraiser starting soon, lists, school stuff, oh and a little thing called PACKING!!!

T minus 12 days to closing!

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  1. Hope the little guy gets to feeling better soon. Can't wait to see more pictures of your new house.


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