Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cannonball Read- Book 6

This was a quick read and yes I did picture Scarlet Johansson
in the role of the nanny. I had assumed that there would be a significant amount of humor in this book. While it did have its funny moments, it was also pretty sad. As the title suggests, it was written from the perspective of the nanny of a very wealthy couple with an only son. The mother has no job, but is much too busy. The child is taken care of by the nanny and goes to numerous activities and is not allowed to nap. He is 4 by the way. The father is never around and the new nanny has just replaced the nanny who was with him for the past two years. He is devastated. He was equally devastated when his baby nurse was fired when he was two after having been with him since birth. All the boy wants is for his mom and dad to play with him and hug him and love him. He has to get this love through his nanny who always seems to leave him. I felt devastated for the boy. How hard that must be on the child. The mother micromanages every aspect of his life to make sure he has the best of everything but she does not give him the one thing that he really needs. Another part of the story is how the husband is not around not only for the son but not for his wife either. She was the mistress from the first marriage and now he has a new one. She has everything that money can buy, but she has lost her husband. No matter how much money you have, most times it is not enough. The things that really matter don't come from large sums of money.

Rating: A-(enjoyable read, but I NEVER want to be a nanny....guess I'll stick to being a mommy!)

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