Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cannonball Read- Book 5

Well I heard twice that this movie sucked. But, it was on my list so I went ahead and got the book. It was a fairly long book but I read it this weekend and it kept me turning page after page. It is a story about the marriage of Frank and April Wheeler. I have to say that April is a lot more dysfunctional than Frank and that comes out in the ending. They seem to be two people who are dependent on each other to bring the life out in one another. They are a couple who are living the suburban life but have way higher aspirations for themselves. They see themselves as much better than the suburbanites that they are surrounded by. Life has changed their path and they are unhappy with how things are. They come up with a plan but again life gets in the way. The story ends tragically which, I have decided, must be a prerequisite for a great novel. They all seem to have an important character perish. But that is life isn't it? I guess I like to see a happy ending and not real life! All in all, it was an excellently written story. The characters were deep and I felt that I knew them. I felt sad for them that could not be happy where they were, that they always wanted more. I believe that you can strive for more and pursue things, but still be happy where you are and with what you have.

Rating: B+ (unhappy people)

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