Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Things

I would like to introduce you to the 8th Wonder of the World that has happened to create itself right in my very own bedroom-
Yes, this is Mt. Laundry.
 And sadly, this is not all of it. Somehow, in the midst of doing laundry, I failed to gather up C Girlie's basket. AND this is what has accumulated in less than a week that we have been home! How?!
 The kids decided that they wanted to help me clean yesterday.  C Girlie was wearing a dress over her PJ's!  They are so funny! They helped dust and clean the windows!
I went to Walmart to pick up a few groceries yesterday. I LOVE that they ad match! It only works with exact matches though.  I love getting the Aldi ad in the paper and using it to ad match with.  We eat TONS more produce now with the cheaper prices!  Aren't these prices great?!
I would go to our local Aldi more if it wasn't 20 minutes away!

**Also- I really need to write about how we are trying to eat more healthy and frugally.  Hopefully that soon and more Disney posts. (I do have to scale Mt. Laundry, you know!)
***Plus also- Day 4 of no soda and I have had CONSIDERABLY less bloating.  For reals, the sodas were killing me.


  1. Hey, I got ya beat! My Mt.Laundry is definately worse, but I do have 2 more people in my house :)

  2. Our Mt. Laundry has taken over our house. It's insane.
    I didn't know they ad match. I will have to try that!

    1. I just started ad matching a few months ago, I love the savings!

  3. Our Mt. Laundry is not on our bed but in our laundry room, I'm so bad at laundry. I can wash it all day but when it comes to folding and putting it away I really just hate it.

    I also LOVE Aldi, their produce prices cannot be beat. We don't have a Wal-Mart here in DC but we do have Aldi and I also stock up on fruits & veggies there.

    1. I am the same way, HATE folding and putting away! Tim ended up doing it so we could go to bed!

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