Friday, January 15, 2016

the weekly recap {& my thoughts on Gilmore Girls}

I can't believe we just finished up the 2nd week of January!
B Boy had begged me to eat lunch with him this week and I can't say no to this face!
 I've been busy getting my calendar filled out for the month. I have to have a visual wall calendar - I know that's so un-technological!
 I had a fun GNO on Tuesday night trying out a new restaurant downtown. It's so nice to get out with friends and have good conversation!

We had to have some work done our van this week. It was definitely an unexpected expense, but I'm so thankful for a great mechanic that is honest and quick to get us in!

This boy woke up Wednesday morning very sick. He stayed home on Wednesday and Thursday. It was so good to see him back to normal yesterday afternoon!
Tim took a couple of days off and I had several BPTO meetings yesterday and I was so thankful for his help.
He got all of our Christmas decor, tree, lights, and outside lights put away!
We had beautiful weather to get it all done and the kids were able to play outside a lot!
I finished the very last show of Gilmore Girls this week. I have watched all 7 seasons over the last two months. I have so many thoughts!
First, I LOVE how it was a story that continued from the first episode to the last.
I loved all of the characters. I did thing April, Luke's daughter was pretty weird, but they did make it work. 
I love love loved the Rory/Logan combo. I have to admit that their ending in the next to last show really depressed me. If the final show hadn't been so good, I would have way different opinions on the entire series.
I know that seems extreme, but I spent the whole time wanting Luke and Lorelai to be together. I hated it when they broke up.
I loved Paris, Lane and Sookie and basically all of the other friends!
I loved Richard and Emily.
I loved the quirkiness of Stars Hollow! Taylor and the town meetings were so funny!
I super loved the final episode. I love how much the town loves the Gilmore girls, I love how Luke loves Lorelai, and I loved how Richard told her how proud of her he was at the end. 
It just ended so sweetly!!! 
I have many more thoughts, but I will leave it at that!
Luke + Lorelai forever!

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