Monday, January 18, 2016

their current and future self

I once heard someone say in relation to parenting, that they were parenting their current child and their future child. That really stuck with me. 
It made me realize that I am doing current work in this parenting journey, but I'm also helping shape and mold who these kids are going to be throughout their lives. 

Kinda heavy stuff right there.

Kids can't see how things will be in the future and how much things change.
I wish I could impart so much knowledge from my 34 year old self to my 18 year old self.
I guess I might not have as much knowledge, though, if I hadn't went through everything I have experienced.

I want to do right raising my kids and I just feel like I have to apologize all of the time. 
No matter how much I've learned, I still fail all the time.
Maybe that failure will show them that we are always growing and learning. 
I didn't realize how much change and growth would continuously happen in adulthood!

I know life experiences will shape the lives of my kids, but I know the foundation of their childhood plays a huge part too.
I hope they enter adulthood learning how much God loves them, the importance of serving others, that relationships are so important, and that thankfulness will enrich their life more than they can know.

I think we all could benefit from those things no matter our age!

Parenting is a tough gig. I know that I won't get all of it right.
Kids are each an individual person. I know mine are! They have their own set DNA and you can't change how they are bent - I know that from firsthand experience!
I've learned over time that I am here to love them and to teach them, not to change them.
If any changing needs to happen, that will be from God molding their heart.

Some days it can feel like a lot of pressure being in charge of raising little humans. 
I have to give it to God and do the best I can do that day.
If I mess up, I ask for forgiveness and start over the next morning.
Ultimately, it is all in God's hands and they are only mine for a little while.

And for some humor:

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