Thursday, January 14, 2016

Things & Christmas with the Sparacino family

I took the kiddos to the library last Friday. They are both really into reading and that makes my heart happy!
This girlie still visits our house on a regular basis.
We filled out a bracket for the NFL playoffs this year! The kids really get into tournament brackets!
I took a picture of our lasagna and posted to Instagram to show how I cook for our family with me not eating dairy. It gets interesting!
I'm still coloring away!
We had some REALLY cold weather this past weekend!
The tooth fairy forgot to come one night, so she had to email a reminder to herself!
Tim's family came on Sunday to celebrate Christmas!
Karen brought lots of sweet treats!
Despite the cold, the boys still went outside to play ball!
We had a Mexican theme for the food. Yum!
We play dirty Santa every year. The first gift I opened was a Nerf gun. That is hilarious because I can't stand when they shoot those guns in the house!
I ended up with Gain laundry detergent. I'll take that!
We have started a family tradition of playing Left, Right, Center.
This year, we added a game of Bingo!
It was a fun day spent with people we love!

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