Tuesday, January 12, 2016

the first week of the year

On New Year's day, we went downtown and watched an ice skating show at the Rink by the Arkansas Figure Skating Association. 
Tim made his creole black eyed peas, we bought the Star Wars series, and we watched bowl games!
B Boy does not let the weather deter him. Unless it's raining or almost zero outside, he wants to be playing catch with daddy.
He also made this sweet card for our mail lady for Christmas. She had been out with an injury until Monday, the 4th and she sent back a sweet reply and treat for him!
He has a precious heart and it makes me want to be better about reaching out to people.
It was tough getting back into the swing of the first week back to school and regular life. The kids had a fire alarm scare first thing Wednesday morning. I'm very thankful for friends who text a group of us from school to let us know what was going on. Everything was fine, but apparently there were a lot of police and fire personnel making sure!

We had multiple appointments the first week back, plus starting back with piano and Awana. Tim also had a board meeting.

I've been reading some good books lately.
I read Winter Garden over the New Year and it was very good!
I've been really into podcasts too and I'm debating getting Netflix so I can watch Making a Murderer. I feel like I'm the only person who hasn't seen it!
I'm afraid to get Netflix though. I need my productivity and that will definitely slow me down!
I've already lost a lot of time watching Gilmore Girls. Thank you, Adrienne for letting me borrow the entire series! I'm almost finished!
The weather has been so bitterly cold and last week was SO dreary. If I had to live where it was constantly dreary, I would go to the loony bin!
Just some kitty love here!

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