Monday, September 7, 2015

the surgery

B Boy was scheduled to get his tonsils and adenoids on Wednesday morning, August 26th.
My sweet cutie the night before surgery.
I survived waking up at 4:30 am to be at the hospital by 5:45. The first words out of B Boy's mouth were- "I'm nervous." He's nine, and smart and very curious. A day before the surgery, I found him reading the pre-op paperwork. He was satiated with the news that any IV would be started after he was sedated.
He was in pretty good spirits for the super early morning.
We checked in, got situated in our room and got him dressed in his surgery gear.
We had some downtime before the surgery. We loved on our boy and he played on the phone and watched TV.
Soon, it was time for them to come in and get him ready for surgery time. It was hard watching them wheel him away
During the surgery, we waited in the Ronald McDonald house in our hospital. It is amazingly nice! The surgery took about 30 minutes and then we had to wait about 20 more minutes before we got to see him.

I cried seeing him waking up in pain. It took awhile for the anesthesia to wear off. Once he was pretty awake, we started trying to get him to eat a popsicle and a slush.
After an hour or so, he seemed to be doing really good so they got us ready to discharge.
He loved riding in the wheel chair!
We got him a chocolate shake on the way home.
More on the recovery later.

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