Thursday, November 20, 2014

a weekly recap {art, razorbacks, babies & a brunch}

Last Wednesday night, Tim and I visited Crystal Bridges to see the State of the Art exhibit while the kiddos were in church.
 This set of photos was titled "Recession." It was homes, land and businesses in the after effects of the recession. I felt so connected to this, I guess because we lived through it.
 This was made from pages in the Bible. Below, you can see in more detail what it said.
 We hope to go back with the kids soon to see the things that we were not able to fit in that night!
On Thursday evening, we had a baby shower for my friend, Mary Avery. Sadly, I don't think anyone took any photos :-( This is their 4th child and they do not find out what they are having prior to the birth. They have 3 boys already. She went in Sunday night and was induced Monday morning. I'm happy to report that they had a sweet baby GIRL!!!! They are so thrilled! I cannot wait to meet her!

I have two more friends from Sunday school who are having babies next spring!
 Friday evening was the 2nd annual bowling party for the faculty at Tim's school. I hadn't felt the greatest on Friday, so I didn't bowl, but everyone had a wonderful time eating, visiting and bowling!
I don't get very many opportunities to interact with his staff, so it's always nice to get to know them a little better.
Saturday afternoon, we went to see Big Hero 6. I cannot say enough good things about that movie. 
It was so great!
 Saturday evening, our Razorbacks took on No. 17, LSU. 
We have had 17 straight SEC losses. 
It has been a HARD few years for our program. 
We shut.them.out! 
No, we did not beat the #1 team in the nation, but that WIN was something that we needed like air. 
We probably shouldn't have rushed the field, but it was beautiful. 
And to anyone on Twitter who was annoyed at my celebrating- I'm NOT sorry! 
You have your #Twitterparties, I have my #Razorbackparties. 
I don't know where that came from except that some non-fans seemed a little annoyed. 
But do you hear me snarking about your #sponsoredAD? Nope.

I fell in love with the Hogs when I fell in love with Tim. My family did not watch sports when I was growing up, so this love is a chosen love.
I've been to many games and lived through many losses.
This team has never given up this year despite everything that has not gone right.
You just have to be a fan to understand how we feel.
We feel lots of excitement right now. GO HOGS!
p.s. none of these stadium pics are mine, they are all from Twitter.
We were SUPPOSED to get snow on Sunday afternoon. And while we did get some, we pretty much just got dusted. That was okay though. It was pretty to watch it falling, we had a nice relaxing afternoon/evening, and the kids to not have to miss school the next day!
They did play some Monopoly, which was great until it wasn't. 
B Boy had not been dealing with "loss" very well lately!
I had a district PTO meeting on Monday morning to go over changes to our bylaws. 
I've learned so much over the last 3 years being involved in PTO, some good and some bad.
I've also firmly learned my limits in how much stuff I can add to my daily routines/duties that I have to family and church.
It has been so interesting learning how things work in a school district that is as large as ours and continues to grow. 
I've learned to work with a variety of people, most of whom, are not from our state.
It's also been interesting being the wife of a principal with managing my words and actions very carefully- I always want to be respectful of him! 
 Tuesday morning, was our annual fall brunch for our women's ministry. 
It was so great! I heard that there about 80 women there! 
It was an amazing turnout, wonderful food and we heard the testimony from one of our ladies. 
She shared about her life so candidly and I am so thankful for women who will do that. 
I hope to be that way as well. 
Her words touched me so much.
I will never be able to express what this church, women's ministry, and Sunday school class have meant to me. I love these women so much!
Our women's ministry director announced that she was retiring from her position to help with a new family business. 
She has been a wonderful leader and we will miss her so very much!

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  1. This is crazy.... such a small world. Two things... Mary Avery - her son, Noah, is in my KDO class. I adore him!!! And I'm so thrilled she had a baby girl!! Marci - I know her, too! Through Jenny Marrs. I was just at Marci's house for a shower for Jenny.! :)


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