Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving blessings

Last Thursday, Tim and I went to have Thanksgiving lunch with the kiddos at their school.
They both ate turkey this year! 
(They both love turkey, but always want to choose the chicken nugget option!)
I got to snuggle this sweet little one on Friday morning. 
She just slept and was so chill in my arms for over an hour!
We just hung out and watched Maleficient on Friday night. It was a really good movie!
(our son is tall. is he going to stop growing?!)
C Girl and I had planned a girl's day for Saturday. B Boy ended up having a birthday party to go to, so Tim took him while we went and had fun! We had lunch, shopped Barnes and Noble and Hobby Lobby. It was pouring rain the entire time, but we still had a great time!!!
On Sunday morning during the altar call at church, we had a mighty move of God.
A friend of mine, who has grown up in our church, sings in the choir, and teaches Sunday school came forward because she knew in her heart that she wasn't truly saved. 
I was crying, Tim was crying, and I think almost everyone in church was crying.
I was so incredibly happy for her. I'm so thankful that we have a church that she felt comfortable enough to come forward and make that confession.
She is not the only who has done this either. In the last year, we have had several people my age come forward to be saved. 
They were usually saved as young children, but knew in their hearts that they truly had not given their life to Christ.
Her profession led to an hour long altar call and the front of the church was lined with people who came forward. It was amazing and beautiful to see.
I am praying for Ferguson. This is just tragic all the way around.
I had my yearly physical and flu shot on Monday. My arm was so sore and it made me so crabby!
Monday and Tuesday was spent planning and cooking for our little family of four Thanksgiving. I love that tradition we have. We had turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, deviled eggs and pumpkin pie!

We watched a Madea Christmas last night and it was so funny!!!

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