Saturday, September 27, 2014

the weekly recap

On Tuesday, I went to an even called "Mom App" with my friend, Jennifer.
The top was "raising children in the digital age." I got so much good information. I feel like I'm pretty tech savvy and there were a few things I had not heard about!
The kiddos had their annual "well child" visit on Tuesday afternoon.  All is well and they are growing right on track!
Tuesday evening was my monthly book club meeting. Our book that we had read and were discussing was Divergent. I didn't read it again since I have read it in the last 2 years. It was fun talking about it again- I loved that series so much!
On Wednesday evening, we drove down to Fayetteville. Bikes, Blues and Barbecue started that day and every year, Tim's half brother comes with his company and sets up a booth. This was the first year we were able to go down and visit him. It was also our very first time to BBBQ.
I'm very glad that we went on Wednesday because it is pure craziness and busyness this weekend!
My kids were in heaven getting to climb on all of the display motorcycles.

This picture KILLS me!
It was so good to see Tim's brother! We left and B Boy said, "I sure do have a lot of uncles!"
After the visit, we headed to Washington Regional to visit our very good friends, Rick and Brittnie. Their little guy who is not yet 4 months old, was admitted for viral meningitis. He is going to be okay, but I know that it must have terrified them. He is just the cutest baby ever! I can't wait to visit him when he is all better!
I snapped a couple of pictures of the kids with their instruments recently.
I love that they are learning to play. That is one thing I wish I had learned. I guess it's never too late to start!
My friend, Jenn invited me and some other friends to be guests at her table for the Pink Ribbon lunch on Thursday.
I'm always so honored to be able to support and celebrate her beating cancer!
How cute are friends, Elizabeth and Laurie? They bought the same top!
We got to hear from Amy Purdy, who among other things, was a 2014 Paralympic bronze medalist and contestant on Dancing with the Stars. 
She lost both legs when she was 19 after contracting bacterial meningitis. She has such a positive outlook on life and began looking at her loss as a positive and continues to pursue all of her dreams.
Our emcees took a selfie :-)
Jenn walked in the fashion show! She did an amazing job and looked fabulous! AND she just had her last surgery the other day! She has blown me away throughout this whole journey with how much she has continued to do and always with faith and humor.
B Boy had a soccer game today. We melted in the sun, but loved getting to watch him play!
We are currently watching our Hogs beat Texas A&M. We are only ahead by 1 touchdown, but if we win, that will be SO BIG for us!

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