Tuesday, September 23, 2014

the weekly recap

It has been quite the week.
I knew it would be tough when I lost my cat, but it hit me very hard. I'm doing better, but I'm still very sad about the loss.

Last Wednesday afternoon, I picked up my friend Laurie's daughters from school while she was out of town. The kids all had a great time spending the afternoon together.
We always pick up a friend of B Boy for Awana, so we ended up taking 5 kiddos!!!
Tim and I have been having "mini" dates while the kids are at church. Since it was raining, and I was very sad, we just went to the Spark Cafe downtown for pie and just catching up with each other. We thought it was so funny to see multiple tourists on the square taking photos and checking things out! I never would have dreamed that I would live in a cool little town like this!
Thursday evening, B Boy had a soccer game. 
The weather was perfect and it was so fun getting to watch an entire game.
He and his team did so well! He even scored a goal!!!!
He blows me away with how easily he just gets out there with this being a new sport for him. He is so engaged, excited and encouraging to his team.
Tim and B Boy were supposed to go on a camp-out with RA's from church on Friday evening.
Tim had a student death at his school this week and the funeral was on Saturday in Little Rock, so we had to do some rearranging of our weekend plans.

I was already planning on being in Little Rock because my aunt from California was in town and we all were getting together and celebrating my cousin, Missy's 50th birthday.

C Girl was already staying the night with my mom, so B Boy just joined her there.

Tim and I drove down Friday so that we could go to dinner with my family.
We stayed at my cousin's house in West Little Rock and it was beautiful and her yard was woodsy and so, so nice!
It was so very wonderful to see my Aunt Ann, Aunt Sue, cousin Missy and my sister!
I love these ladies so very much!
Happy 50th birthday Missy!
Saturday morning, Tim and I attended the funeral for the boy from his school who passed away. It was a beautiful, beautiful service full of the hope of Christ.
We picked the kiddos up from my parent's house afterwards. They had a great time! They made cookies, had a tea party, mom put makeup on C Girl and they played a lot!
Our beautiful view on the drive home. Arkansas, you are gorgeous!
The Razorbacks played Northern Illinois on Saturday night. We do not have ESPNU with our cable package, so we went to a local sports bar/restaurant to watch the game.
We played so good and beat them soundly!!!
I love the new Hog Pen!!!!!!!
When we got home, I had this sweet condolence card from our vet. The emergency animal hospital had contacted them with the information about Koonta. I thought this was the most thoughtful thing!
I think Sissy girl has been lonesome lately :-( I hadn't thought how this might affect her.
Sunday evening, our church held a commissioning service for a few people from our church who will be going overseas to minister in the coming months. One was a girl who just graduated with her nursing degree and will be leaving Thursday to go to Malawi to work in an orphanage for a year. The others were a couple who will be leaving in a few months to go live in India. Their hearts are for unreached peoples and specifically, Muslims. I was so touched by their desires to leave home to and just go to do what they feel like God has called them to do!

Yesterday, I cleaned house, decorated the house for fall, and finished working on my Bible study work. I have a super busy day today and will catch up about it another day!!!

Happy fall, friends!

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