Wednesday, July 9, 2014

feeling the need for change

Do you ever feel stuck when you do the same things for a long time? Or that you aren't growing because you are comfortable? I feel like that might be where I am at right now. I feel change really pulling at me. I feel like I am being led to some different things. 

I'm definitely way better with change than I used to be. I was looking through old posts and found this one from almost 5 years ago. I remember all of that so well and yet, it also feels like sooo long ago.

I'm just feeling like things in my life need "shook up" a little bit.  Am I alone in these feelings?

We have had VBS this week. The theme is "Weird Animals" and I just love it so much. The first day we learned that even when you feel left out, Jesus loves you! Day two was even though you are different, Jesus loves you! Today was when life seems dark and hard to understand, Jesus loves you!
I have been in one of the craft rooms and I have been really enjoying working with some great friends! I have been so exhausted every afternoon though. I think it is low blood iron and getting up early. I do wish I was getting some sleep in time!

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