Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weekly update - first week of June

Thank you all so much for your comments and messages that I received after my post on Privacy.
It's weird, but I actually feel more freedom now that I've set the blog to private.
I do wish that there was a way to easily let everyone know when I publish a new post. As of now, it no longer feeds to readers and when I put the link on Facebook, it shows a generic "" picture. Any ideas?
 I had lunch at Sushi House with my friend, Laurie, on Wednesday. It was yummy and so fun to get to visit for awhile!

I'm truly not a "lady who lunches," but I had lunch on Thursday with my dear friend, April, at Olive Garden. I think I was trying to get some friend time in before school is out!
 Thursday evening, our Sunday school class had a baby shower for Christi. She is having a sweet boy in August! We ate at Abuelo's and I am so obsessed with the green dip there. So good!
 I have failed to mention, I think, but B Boy is super into Pokemon cards! He trades with boys at school and every single day after school, he has to tell me about his new ones!
 I made sesame chicken the other night and I made the Pioneer Woman's cauliflower stir fry. I omitted the Sriracha though. So yummy!
I watched the Walmart Shareholder's meeting on Friday morning. It was VERY neat to watch. They had awesome musical performances and it was very cool to hear from CEO's in the company.
 Friday night was First Friday on our square. It was also the annual Art Walk. I love, love, love our First Fridays and farmer's market. 
There were so many talented artists with booths!
C Girl is totally drawn in to the jewelry booths.
 We had to make a stop into the Walton's 5-10.
They always want to buy every toy in there!
They LOVE to run up and then down the ramp and stairs. I'm so glad they can be easily entertained!
 We saw this beautiful, really big Dalmation!
 We had B Boy take a photo of us with the big camera. He did a pretty decent job! It would be great if C Girl hadn't been giving me bunny ears o_o
 B Boy had a game today. He had a great hit (with his new bat!) and he had a RBI! He got one of the game balls today. He was thrilled and we are so proud of him!
We are mostly proud of how much he loves baseball and how hard he wants to work at it.


  1. If your blog is set to private, not even your subscribers get updates, I don't think... but it definitely won't feed to Facebook.

    I love those updates! That food looks amazing. And who knew about the shareholders meeting?

    Walton's is super cool!

    1. Yeah, I haven't found a way to do it other than post that I've posted! Ha!

  2. Yay, all your posts reappeared in my reader today! This looks like such a fun time y'all had.


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