Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day weekend

Happy Mother's Day to all of the momma's reading this!

I had a great weekend and just feel so thankful for my family and friends.
 Friday night, I went to see "Mom's Night Out" with some friends from church. It was hysterical AND it had a really good message. Go see it!
Saturday morning, C Girl and I hit the farmer's market and shopped in some cute boutiques near our square. It was fun to have some girl time!
B Boy had his team baseball picture and a baseball game on Saturday morning.
His team won again! He is so thrilled when they win!
Photos courtesy of Goldberg photography
 I've had a wonderful day today. I woke up to the usual cards and gifts. I love the handmade cards that the kids make. They spoiled me, as they usually do. Tim cooked everyone breakfast, and then we loaded up to go and explore Lake Fort Smith state park.
 I love spending time outdoors with my little family. 
We got to the visitor's center in time to watch them feed the snakes. 
Yep, you read right. I had the joy of watching snakes eat mice on Mother's day. 
I'm a lucky gal, I tell ya.
 BUT, the kids were fascinated!
We have been reading the Little House on the Prairie books and watching the shows, so the kids were super excited to see this covered wagon!
 The park is so serene! It's beautiful and quiet and we had a great time enjoying a picnic by the lake.
 C Girl has become quite the bird watcher lately. She loves using Tim's old binoculars.
 I'm so thankful and can't even express how much I love these two. I wrote a post earlier this week with some thoughts on motherhood.
 Arkansas is SO beautiful!
Tim grilled some wonderful rib-eyes tonight and we had our famous marinated mushrooms, sauteed green beans and oven fries. We finished it off with some store bought lemon creme cake that was out of this world!
I'm a happy, happy girl tonight :-)

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