Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Friday!!!

I haven't did much this week except try to get back in the swing of things.
Being sick really put me in a bad funk.
I've been moody and emotional and just not myself.

Yesterday, the temperature was 80 degrees and I put a lot of effort into my appearance. I really think those two things worked wonders for me!

I upgraded my phone this week. The phone I had was my first smartphone that I got two years ago. I had a pay as you go phone before that (and a house phone.) I finally got a beautiful iPhone 5S!
I am in love with it!
I facetimed with Jessica and Parker last night and I'm thrilled with a having a great camera in my hand at all times!
I already got some apps that I had been bookmarking for photos for when I got this phone!
 These beautiful tulips in our yard make me so happy!
 We took the kids to a trail last night to enjoy the weather, have some family time, and let them practice riding their bikes! This trail is 2 miles and they did the whole thing on their bikes!!!
Happy Friday! Have an awesome weekend!!!


  1. I just got the 5s too and am sooo happy!! My husband is an IT director at Goodwill and he always has the latest and greatest. My daughter is on our plan at home and she always gets the good upgrades. I'm on my employer's plan and have had an iphone 4 so this new phone is awesome to me!!

  2. How exciting for your new phone! Enjoy it!


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